TOP 10 BOARD GAMES! A Modern, Cinematic List Going into 2022 -

TOP 10 BOARD GAMES! A Modern, Cinematic List Going into 2022

Tim Chuon
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Here are the TOP 10 board games as we head full force into 2022! These games consist of favorites that I played in 2021-just didn’t have a chance to film them during the holidays! Join me as I share really awesome games that I absolutely love!

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00:00 Start

00:26 -10) Viticulture

03:54 – 9) Kemet, Blood & Sand

08:03 – 8) Tapple

09:30 – 7) Merchant’s Cove

11:27 – 6) World of Warcraft, Pandemic

13:42 – 5) Red Rising

15:47 – 4) Marvel United

17:45 – 3) Marvel Champions

19:16 – 2) Aquatica:

20:57 – 1) Dwellings of Eldervale

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  1. Stumbled across this by accident but totally love your vid! Love the vibe you give and information that is not too much or too little so… subcribed!

  2. I'm super curious what you think of INIS.

  3. Red rising is an amazing book series. Never knew they had a game

  4. I beat Vidiculture without shipping any wine, I just got all the free points on the cards, nobody else had a chance, bad game design.

  5. I can't…I want to…but the blinking red light is triggering my anxiety. I had to look away every time you were in that frame (my specific problem, I know). Everything else I could look at was very eye catching.

  6. I’m so excited to try some of these games. Have you tried Betrayal at house on the hill it’s one of my favorites. Also have you ever played civilization? I tried several times and just couldn’t understand how it worked.

  7. Here to tell you as a Red Rising fanboy, the game slaps

  8. Great vid, but that music is way too loud. My ears! 😆

  9. Check out Four Souls (The Binding of Isaac). You won’t regret it 😈

  10. Sou do Brazil e amei seu video. Apesar de nao falar ingles. Fiquei satisfeitissimo com a traducao simultanea. E sua sutileza na descricao dos jogos e a paixao como os apresenta me cativou. Mais um inscrito , TMJ

  11. Tim, I didn’t buy it for a long time for the same reason. I don’t drink and the wine part didn’t appeal to me. Once I purchased the game and played it, I’m now all in. I’ll buy anything that comes out for this game. Love it!

  12. Tim, PLEASE read or listen to audio for Red Rising. Stunning book series. For me, a more “adult” (no holds barred) Hunger Games. Seriously, they hold nothing back. And, the pinnacle of Book 3 had me throwing the book across the room and then when I listened to the audiobook, even though I knew what was coming, I nearly ran off the road screaming.

  13. I just wanted to mention the lesser known game VS System 2PCG since you mentioned you love competitive card games like YuGiOh and also love Marvel Champions because it's a Marvel LCG with amazing character representation from the Marvel universe.

    It is technically a reimplementation of an older CCG called VS System but the newer 2PCG version so dramatically different that it should have been its own game. Think Marvel Champions meets YuGiOh and the flavor on the cards is out of this world.

    It's an easily overlooked game because of how poorly it was marketed (and named) upon its re-launch in 2015 but with almost monthly releases it's currently one of the longest running LCGs out there (that just can't legally call itself an LCG). It's also got an MCU license and the next sets to release are based on the Disney+ shows Loki, Wandavision and Falcon/Winter Soldier. Finally, it also combines other IPs so Mortal Kombat and The Boys were just announced at GenCon. (Aliens, Predator, Buffy and X-Files expansions are also in the mix and it's weird and fun.) Just a great card game that no one seems to know about.

  14. Probably the only person that has tapple in their top ten.

  15. More time spent showing the games and maybe them in different game states/being played would be better vs camera showing you talking about the game.
    Nothing against you, I just really wanted to see more of the actual games.

  16. The Problem with Marvel united is the fact that you cant get Most of the Stuff for normal prices because most of it was only for Bakers of the Kickstarter…

  17. of all the boardgamer chanels.. You are the one I want to play the most with… seriously want to play with you xD

  18. Dwellings of Eldervale is just a dumbed down version of Cones of Dunshire. And really, it's sort of missed the point – it's all about the cones. The Maverick should definitely get to exchange wood for agricultural points.

  19. I have just discovered you…. I also have just subscribed…

  20. Bro, you deserve more subs. I appreciate the work you put into this video and I always like to see other people who are also into board games

  21. Have you tried Unfathomable/Battlestar Gallactica or Dune?

  22. I don’t know if you do this on patreon already but classes for your video editing would be something I’d pay for lol. Great video

  23. Lords of Waterdeep – I also recommend purchasing the Scoundrels of Skullport Expansion

  24. I would have liked to hear more about the gameplay of each..still not sure what they are about

  25. Bro, I want Dwelling of Eldervale so bad, my girl and I just started on this board game kick and got dice thrones & Battle of Hogwarts so I can’t afford to fork $150 on a eBay listing since it’s sold out but damn… it looks amazing. Ima need to keep my eye out

  26. i enjoyed every bit of this vid except the bgm when you're moving to another game, its just too LOUD.

  27. I know I'm not the only one, but I am so glad I found this channel!!!!!!

  28. Funny!!! Mike DiLisio from Dice Tower ALSO has Dwellings Of Eldervale on his NUMBER 1 TOP spot! AND he also has Merchants Cove on his TOP 6 spot!! 😊

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