Top 10 Games That Are Better Than Monopoly -

Top 10 Games That Are Better Than Monopoly

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Ever wonder whether Monopoly was the definitive board game? While it has the notoriety of being the face of board games, there are much newer and better games available that will give you that economic jousting, that sense of accomplishment but while being much better games and not sacrificing on that social element that goes hand in hand with games.

Grab a pen, start taking notes, and put a few of these on your wishlist!

1) For Sale –
2) Las Vegas –
3) Century Spice Road –
4) Chinatown –
5) Acquire –
6) Ra –
7) Power Grid –
8) Lords of Vegas –
9) Concordia –
10) Food Chain Magnate –

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  1. “Concordia is simple to teach “ yeah ….no. I love Concordia but it definitely holds the number 9 slot of the complexity scale of this list. Also your explanation vastly understated how the cards effect end game scoring.Concordia is also the Catan killer for me. And I love that Catan was NOT on the list.

  2. Nice video. I enjoyed it. Thanks. Which of these games plays well with 2 players only? In particular I'm thinking about Concordia and Century Spice Road. BTW as of today Poland is on official lockdown as well.

  3. Heyyyyyy, I live in Ohio toooo 8).

    You’ve been crankin’ out the videos like a maniac lately.
    Lords of Vegas is the perfect Monopoly killer in my opinion. I may also add Stockpile to the list.

  4. I'm really excited about your channel. For one, it's a good channel and offers a unique perspective. For two, you're just getting started. I've been in the hobby now for just over 2 years and all the channels I like have been around for a long time. So it's going to be interesting watching this channel grow.

    The game that got me into the hobby was Catan, but it's to random for my taste. So, here's a topic suggestion, I'd like to know 10 games better than Catan:)

  5. Cool that you show us the board game, rating etc. 🙂 possible with some gameplay in the future as well? Could you also do a "Top 10 co-op games" one day? Enjoying the videos!

  6. Yup, one of the first things I wanted to know when I got into the hobby was what was better than monopoly.
    Did you consider I'm the Boss?
    I also love acquire and lords of Vegas. I tried hotel tycoon but I didnt think it hit the mark to closely.

  7. I recently had an epiphany: Terraforming Mars is quite similar to Monopoly! You get money each turn from a bank, you invest money into resources that will bring you more money in the future or you upgrade existing resources. I would definitely recommend this game to someone who is familiar with Monopoly but wants smth better.

  8. I haven't played Stockpile but I can't help but wonder if it should have a place in a list like this. Acquire is one of my favorite's of all time. Sadly, I've only played 2/10 of these on the list. I really really want to see a deluxe version of Acquire on Kickstarter but its owned by Hasbro who just got sued for 10 million for refusing to support Dragonlance so IMHO they have lost any loyalty I might have had. The best I can hope for is that someone else can buy out Acquire away from Hasbro. If I recall Airlines Europe was similar to Acquire. Oh and I'm annoyed that Hasbro altered the Acquire game board into a square in a recent edition.

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