Top 10 Interesting FACTS About the Board Game MONOPOLY -

Top 10 Interesting FACTS About the Board Game MONOPOLY

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Monopoly was first produced in 1935 by Parker Brothers, and has been ruining friendships and tearing families apart ever since. Despite how frustrating the game is, it’s considered the world’s most popular and, as of 2009, over 250 million copies have been sold.

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10. Are You Playing the Game Correctly?
9. Three Most Landed on Spots include Illinois Avenue, GO, and B&O Railroad
8. The Characters
7. People Have Killed Each Other Over the Game
6. You Can Win a Game with 2-players in 21 seconds
5. Best Way to Win
4. The Real Creator was a Woman Who Didn’t Get Credit For Her Invention
3. The Unusual Story of Marvin Gardens
2. Monopoly was Rejected by Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers
1. Escape Maps Were Smuggled to British POWs during WWII

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  1. 5:02 How desperate does a person have to be to actually CHEAT at Monopoly.. against family? …although I guess tensions must have already been high if cheating at Monopoly was enough to start a serious fight. Godayumm

  2. The auction rule is my favorite. I once used it to get Park Place for about $50. Bankrupted my opponent by bidding an amount I knew she couldn't match. It's a great rule.

  3. Just get the st. james 3 and you'll win every time

  4. As a game tech I've actually had to repair the outside of a Monopoly credit-redemption game after a punk punched it out. Even the electronic versions piss people off!

  5. best way to win Monopoly is to not play Monopoly

  6. I don't know if it's true, but I think more monopoly money is printed than U.S. money.

  7. What kind of a baby would actually flip the board?

  8. Peeps, Omfg frustration This one looks pretty#six~plenty 8)

  9. Last horn version appeal perform oppose.

  10. DO IT IN ENGLSH NOT USA.PLEASE11who invented the web anyway?

  11. Reading Railroad is correctly pronounced "Redding Railroad". It's name origin is Reading ("Redding"), Pennsylvania.

  12. There is no such thing as interesting facts about monopoly.

  13. whenever my family plays I always seem to land on st. Charles place 1st so I own it and only after I own it does it seen that everyone starts to land on it landing the nickname for that place on the board St. Jareds place

  14. my family always put 500 in middle for free parking, but penalties still went to bank.

  15. Monopoly Can Be A Ruthless Game Of Conquest And Consequence. My Little Sinnister.Ooops I Meant Sister.If She Didnt Get Boardwalk And Park place In The Course Of The Game Of Which She Had To Win Shed Promptly Call Out For Our Granny Knowing Full Well She Could Create A Story Of Some Kind Of Victimhood Which Would Be Followed By Serious Assault On Any And All Other Players At The Table.In other Words It Was A Win Win for Her And the Rest Of Us Would Disperse Imediately Toward The Nearest Exit Before Our Granny Came A Running Into The "Monopoly" Weilding A Paddle And Having The Power To Ground Anyone Of Us Who Didn't Escape The Wrath Of Pam My Sinnister Sister. Boardwalk And Park Place Who Would Have Known.

  16. Master essayist John McPhee once did an essay about Monopoly, The title was The Search for Marvin Gardens.

  17. 2:56 whilst the titles might be different, the colors doesnt appear to be

    The 2 most expensive being dark blue fx.

  18. i have a cool house rule when ever you speed (roll doubles) you have to leave $20 then $50 until you roll doubles three times you drop $100 and go to jail

  19. My friends and family have never gotten angry about this game. It's just a game. LOL No one is gonna put up with someone who hogs all the houses. Either change the hotel rule or that 'winner' is just gonna have to give up playing Monopoly with people.

  20. There's actually a Lord of the Rings theme in which you have an interesting way of playing pretty fast.

  21. This video, and in fact all of your videos, could be made better if you didn't add background music. Playing the same half dozen bars of some irrelevant tune over and over is annoying and distracting. Hearing impaired people like me have difficulty understanding the dialog when we have to filter out intrusive sounds like background music. I find your videos interesting and entertaining and would like to hear everything said but I can't, the music makes it difficult to impossible. Thanks.

  22. My longest Monopoly game this year 2017, was 6 almost 7 hours long!
    This was written on Thursday, September 21st,2017 at 8:17pm

  23. In 2014 I was playing with three generations of my family. My grandniece was on the Community Chest space between Mediterranean and Baltic and got ready to roll.

    She rolled 2, landing her on Income Tax. Because she had doubles, she rolled 3, landing her on Chance. The Chance card said Go Back 3 Spaces, landing her AGAIN on Income Tax!

    Income Tax twice in the same turn!! In c. 65 years of playing Monopoly, I had never heard of that happening before.

  24. His name is Rich Uncle Pennybags or Mr. Pennybags.
    Edit: I commented to early.

  25. Parker Brothers didn't create Monopoly. They bought it from the game's original designer — only after it became a hit.

  26. The Landlord's Game is not identical to Monopoly. You need to fire your research dept.

  27. We had a house rule that if you went bankrupt you were allowed to rob the bank one time. We had games over the summer holidays that would go for weeks.

  28. I play by the official rules aand…

    4 hours still going strong. He he. It's not really helpful.

  29. In sum, this is what you have to do in order to avoid very long monopoly matches:

    Just stick to all the standard rules and also try to start negotiating properties as soon as you can ( to complete a property set of the same color ). This way a match should generally last 2 hours at the most.

  30. Come on! People who flip the board are bad losers or behave like 5-year old kids. Monopoly is only for tough ( psychologically ) people

  31. Here is a tip to make everyone angry. Collect every $1 or $5 then let the mayhem commence.

  32. Another house rule I like to use is the one where if you land on GO either by rolling the dice or by getting a Chance or Community Chest card that says "Advance to GO" you get double the salary so instead of getting $200 you would get $400 but that's only if you land on GO if you go pass GO you only get $200.

  33. I got monopoly for my birthday and my family had no idea how to play it so we read the rules and we played.

    It took long so we made some house rules like dont collecr 200 while passing go and no auction and no hotels or houses

  34. I came up with an optional house rule not too long ago: SPEEDING FINES ON 3RD DOUBLE! On your third double, you then have the choice to either (1) go directly to jail (main rule) or (2) pay a speeding fine of 10 times the amount on dice and move from where you rolled. You can still deal with the next property spot you land on like normal as far as buying, paying rent, drawing a Chance card, etc. Either way, you still have to wait your next turn. If you pass GO after you pay your speeding fine, you still collect $200/M200.

  35. Even if you're out of 'houses' in the box, you can still pay for motels directly, if you have the money. You can skip the house phase

  36. I hate to playing with people who do not follow the rules

  37. In the UK the best property is Mayfair

  38. I'm astonished that the guy (from Pennsylvania) didn't got such a lenient prison sentence for committing murder. Really?! The dude got so angry, at his friend, that he murdered him! It might not have been premeditated, but it's still murder. Damn Son.

  39. Soooo Maggy was getting what she WANTED. To not monopolize

  40. Some of the things he said were kinda confusing…

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