Top 25 Monopoly Game Variants And Spinoffs: Part 1 -

Top 25 Monopoly Game Variants And Spinoffs: Part 1

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In this series, we look at different variants and spinoffs of the board game Monopoly. These versions play like Monopoly but have some different rules and mechanics. #ads
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  1. How can you have a top 25 monopoly variants when the original game is a load of crap.

  2. My favorite is Monopoly Gamer. I have every character you can play as, except for Wario.

  3. Thank you so much! I have been looking for a video like this.

  4. I like U-Build Monopoly and Avengers Monopoly.

  5. my favorite Monopoly game is strip monopoly. I like taking my clothes off for fake money

  6. The best variation is called “throw game in trash and never think of it again.”

    Instead of fixing any of the many problems with the game, I’d suggest simply playing a better game.

  7. So weird. This didn't pop up on my subscriptions page!

  8. There really is a YT channel for everything

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