Top 25 Most Valuable Vintage Board Games In 2021 -

Top 25 Most Valuable Vintage Board Games In 2021

The Auction Professor
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  1. I’m about to make a tough decision…

    We own the Catan 10 years edition. I bought it at Goodwill a couple of years ago. I gave it to my 17 year old son and we play as a family frequently. I think I’ll let him decide.

    My brother had Dark Tower when I was young. Never figured it out … I just pressed buttons. Haha.

  2. Do any of the individual pieces that are mixed with other big pieces like Legos or different things like that have value even than not one set

  3. I found a game called 36 Fits at my parent's home. Can't find much about it. Any info on this one?

  4. I have gijoe monopoly should I sell it or keep it

  5. I have a Fortress America just sitting on my shelf but I think it's missing some pieces like disc. I'll have to go through it now and check to see what's missing from me. Good to know that it's a valuable game.

  6. I just came across a vintage board game
    Coney Island from 1956 from Selchow & Righter could you tell me any information if you happen to have any and how much would they sell for

  7. Good info. In the four years that I've been reselling, I've only run across the Strat-O-Matic Baseball, Fortress America, and Pokemon Sorry games, all open though. I think I got something like $80 for the bball game and $25 for the Sorry. I still have the Fortress game, but the box is rough. At one point I was looking into parting it out, but may have to rethink that.

  8. I know this video was made in 21 but I never heard of these what do you call it a shelf pocket game or pocket shelf game or something I've never heard of that and I'm a senior a lot of those games you can pretty much figure they're worth money especially if they're still around today in 2022 right anyway I just thought I'd mention that cuz in my time on this little planet of ours I can honestly say I've never actually seen one of these let alone you that it was even out

  9. I know Phantom came out in the 90s. But the early 90s?

  10. Fraidy cats was hard to maintain…bc the fence would easily bend and tear

  11. We have all our old board games- but man do I wish I had kept Remote Control- literally a game based on the MTV game show. It was my choice to sell it. I’m the dummy in my teens who sold our Atrati game set, Pong and so many other things my mom asked if i was sure. That woman knew exactly what to keep from her generation- should listen to her. We are slowly making money on items she refused to get rid of. Go mom!!

  12. I had never heard of stat o matic style games. About 6 months ago I bought an estate with 2 bedrooms full of apba , Stat o matic,, etc. It was a learning experience, and I definitely watch for them now…lol

  13. I had that black Pokémon one. People were fighting over them in KB Toys and I slid in and got one as a kid!

  14. Awesome! Thanks! We use to have a Fireball Island game back 30+ years ago. Sadly it got sold in a yard sale back in the day.

  15. i dislike those ebay prices , Ebay rips off the sellers with commissions o/w love the vintage board education

  16. we used to play hotels all the time crazy how much its worth

  17. There’s no way that Star Wars queens gambit came out in 92. The characters on the front are from Star Wars episode one which came out in I think 99.

  18. I want to put something out there you know how they keep talking about seal the versions I used to work at a print shop and my job was stealing things with the shrink wrapper if you intended to keep it sealed up how would you know that you got a complete set you could say it the age dust anything that could be faked put it in my parents attic with all that dust for about a week or two it'll look like it's been there for years buyer beware is what I think I can't be all these sealed up

  19. I have two shelves filled with board games! Heroscape was a gem also!

  20. I have a Hero Quest that has never been played. Have one that has been played also

  21. Is there a web site that has list of board games and all pieces that were originally included so you can determine if a game is complete or missing pieces.

  22. Crossbows and catapults is worth a lot now too. I had it as a kid and never used it as a game. It was fun to just build a castle and blow it up with the catapult

  23. I didn't know Axis and Allies was so valuable, I see those all the time at garage sales, I'll have to keep my eyes open.

  24. I have a 1959 "Have gun will travel" in the closet. It has a pistal for a spinner, bullet piecec and riders on hoses. Have you seen this before? It is made by Parker Brothers.

  25. H9w much is a 1959 risk board game worth

  26. I got Dark Tower for $5.00 at a yard sale years ago but when my boyfriend at the time passed away, it was at his house and his family wouldn't give it back to me. 😔

  27. Uh… How did the 1992 Star Wars game get pictures of Episode 1, from 1999?

  28. What about the game Keep on Trucking America?

  29. Daaaaaaang- Dark Tower sat at the top of my closet for years!! No telling what happened to it.

  30. Fireball Island and Dark Tower have reprints within the last five years. They are much better implantations and are considerably cheaper.

  31. Battle star Galactica has been reprinted as Unfathomable. It is like $75

  32. Great video im only 22 but ive always been more into older pop culture i have a vinyl collection also have alot of old movies and games. Cant beat the classics..👍😁

  33. Thanks! I had no idea about games, but I think you had just recently mentioned playing cards. I picked up a pack about an hour ago that might net me five bucks. I’m learning and I may go back and see what I missed . Very educational.

  34. The Star Wars Queen's Gambit game is absolutely not from 1992 considering that movie was released in 1999. The two characters on the cover were created for that 1999 movie, not the original trilogy.

  35. I'm wondering what the bonus games were since the 25 mentioned I have never seen or heard of. There has to be one I heard of….oh! There it is. All 3 bonus ones mentioned I have. 😁

  36. That monster in the swamp one just has great aesthetics, I love it

  37. Was that Star Wars game released 1992? I notice Liam Neeson on the cover of the box. He was in the prequel ,The Phantom Menace(1999).
    Thanks for your service!

  38. What about Gangsters from Avalon Hill? The water gun is so much fun!

  39. I am getting on Easter Sunday

    Board Games
    Video Games
    PC Games
    DVD Movies
    VHS Movies
    Blu-ray Disc Movies
    PC Software
    Barbie Dolls (including Monster High, everGirl and Sweet Valley High)
    Hot Wheels Cars
    Girl Talk, Childcraft and American Girl Literature

  40. Star wars the queens gambit came out in 2000 not 92 must be a misprint

  41. Considering my Squad Leader, Panzer Leader and War at Sea from 1980 each cost about $60 it is quite normal for them to be about $200 now. My GI Anvil of Victory is still unpunched, never got that far.

  42. This vid came up from a 4000 ad board game search, disappointed it wasn't on list.

  43. I frequently go to a donation center called Savers to check out the various board games people have brought in (and once found a Nintendo VirtualBoy in the box). To my agony, on one of my visits, as I approached the board game rack I passed a guy walking away from it holding a Hero Quest game under his arm. I was mere minutes away from the chance of buying it for about five bucks. Still makes me sick to my stomach…

  44. I sold a Fireball Island a few years ago. It was complete. HUGE box though. I think I got $350 for it.

  45. Wait. How can #15 possibly be from 1992? The movie came out 7 years after that. Natalie Portman, who is on the box, would have been 11.

  46. Hotels is a great game! I have never seen it in the US. Played with cousins in Italy, 24 years ago! ❤

  47. I have a copy of Atari's Berzerk! board game.

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