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The biggest wins Monopoly Live has to offer!!

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MONOPOLY Live by Evolution Gaming is a casino game show that combines a giant wheel of fortune and MONOPOLY. Your aim in this money wheel game is to bet on one or several of the 6 betting sections, according to which one you think the flapper will stop once the wheel comes to a halt. 4 of which pays cash, and 2 of which takes you to the Virtual, 3D MONOPOLY bonus game where you literally roll the dice. We have compiled some of the biggest wins by streamers and members of the CasinoGrounds community.

00:00 Intro
00:09 #5 SlotVLT Mike
03:29 #4 OnAirJannick
05:48 #3 Trazler Drex
08:31 #2 Lynx2x17
10:30 #1 iReflex

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  1. Oh my god this clip of mine is so old 🙈

  2. Last clip just reminds me of MGK song , on my god bonny

  3. i think it is safe to say that the first one was genuine

  4. Mike : Si si si si si si si si si si si

  5. Super scam.. Two days play 100x max. Always lose money.

  6. onlineLOOSER82 RealMoney SLOT CHANNEL ITALIA says:

    oh my… insane wins!

  7. I’d be more sad than happy if I had $0.50 on that last one 😂

  8. They joined in right time , what a lucky people. But in the end, evolution took it back

  9. Them guys betting nickels tho! Puts tin foil hat on: “its like the game pays when people are betting low “

  10. I wish I was lucky. Rolling snake eyes after hitting Park Place is sick.

  11. amazing wins, this game is still a scam though. was playing last week, bet rejected, 225x 4 rolls hit

  12. This is a joke, this game never pays a maximum x30 or x50 and they celebrate it like never before. That is always 1.2. A shame

  13. The dude in first place bet 286$ on 4 rolls and won 2,746,459 $. he was a high roller with 1-2k $ bets and it paid off to him out of sheer luck… the thing is if you can afford to bet that amount of money, why u even gambling, you already rich as hell… its because of greedy rich ppl like that casinos heavily nerf their games making it extremely hard to make anything at. the greed in ppl is insane…

  14. Wtf…number 4 to 1 low betting…shame…

  15. Siiiii siii Siiiii siiiiiii priceless reaction!!!! 🤩😀😁

  16. that guy showing his shaking hand was the realest shit I've seen in my whole life. Congratz my dude

  17. That first Mike guy is dumb as bricks to not notice the 500X once that 10 was rolled!

  18. Thanks Casino Grounds for my win making this video 🙂 brings back memories…..:)

  19. i love and hate this game at the same time

  20. 2.7 mill some guy called 153 won on the last one

  21. haha 9600x was the biggest win…. i was there early in the morning just like you with 0.50.- unfortunately the game is not really legitimate otherwise. 😉

  22. ¡Qué exagerados que son los yankees, por favor! OMG!, Holy Shit, WTF!, ¡y tampoco es que ganaron gran cosa en este video!

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