TOP 5 MONOPOLY GAMES That Should Be Made : Black Nerd -

TOP 5 MONOPOLY GAMES That Should Be Made : Black Nerd

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  1. PAC-MAN MONOPOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Let's see…………… Freddy Vs Jason Monoply!

  3. Do they have fairy odd parents monopoly or power rangers monopoly

  4. Sonic the hedgehog live action film

  5. All of these actually were made except the sitcom-themed one.

  6. Someone made a Hip Hop Monopoly, however, it was totally racist and was immediately banned.

  7. Hip hip hooray!, they finally came out with South Park Monopoly. Other Monopoly games I had in mind were: 1. The Care Bears Monopoly and make it a lot like the Star Wars Episode I Monopoly. 2. McDonald's real Monopoly board game including the McDonald's french fries piece, that came from the Here & Now edition and the Empire edition, instead of the contest version of McDonald's Monopoly. 3. A Burger King version of Monopoly being a board game & a Wendy's version of Monopoly being a board game. 4. A Monopoly board game on snakes. 5. Five may sound funny and strange, but a Monopoly board game with Barney & Friends including the purple dinosaur, instead of the Monopoly Jr. version of Barney & Friends. We could also include the Barney Miller version of Monopoly. They've also came out with the Smurfs Monopoly board game version.

  8. Some monopoly games I want to see are

    Barbie and her sisters as many as possible. Just kind of imaginage some stuff she could have to pay for or her sisters earn tnru something they do. Barbie pay day.

    Popples monopoly with like the library and the school etc

    And garbage oail kids monopoly because it would be funny.

  9. I want to see Plants vs Zomvies Monopoly ;p

  10. Spongebob Monopoly and Minecraft Monopoly!!!

  11. they have south park monopoly at eb games

  12. I'd like to see the following Monopoly Games:
    Malcolm in the Middle
    Back to the Future
    James Bond
    Disney Afternoon (or One Saturday Morning depending on which you prefer)
    Barenaked Ladies (The Band)

  13. I like to see a Kirby monopoly and when you pass go you Get to collect  DEDEDE Dollar Bill

  14. Some of these are monopolies now, like South Park and I think there's a Mario one now

  15. Mystery science theater 3000 monopoly two spaces could be the moon and gizmonic institute

  16. OzzieTheGamerDude A.K.A Oscar Russell Townshend says:

    Red Dwarf Monopoly!

  17. I had no idea these versions of Monopoly existed and didn't exist

  18. I remember that show Teen Angel! I liked it . He died by eating an old burger and became his best friend's guardian angel lol

  19. Andree, you're a lot different from Urkel

  20. my top 5 monopoly games that I would like to see
    1. Cartoon Network monopoly
    2. 80’s movie monopoly
    3. Hanna-Barbera monopoly
    4. universal monsters monopoly
    5. Godzilla monopoly

  21. DaSecondPeabodyBoi // Zombie the speedrunner says:

    Hi Smurf Praiser

  22. All these games do exist except the TGIF version

  23. The top 5 versions of Monopoly I’d like to see:
    5. Freakazoid!
    4. Teen Titans
    3. Persona 5
    2. Saints Row
    1. Cartoon Network

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