TOP 5 MONOPOLY GAMES That Should Be Made : Black Nerd -

TOP 5 MONOPOLY GAMES That Should Be Made : Black Nerd

Black Nerd Comedy
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“Black Nerd Comedy” is Nerd & Geek Culture, Pop Culture Entertainment and 80s-90s Retro Nostalgia from Actor, Comedian, Writer and “Black Nerd” Andre Meadows.


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  1. Fallout 3 Monopoly! and GO could be vault 101

  2. Pokemon you can collect poke-marts, gyms and poke-centers. and every time you pass go you get a master ball. and instead of going to jail you go to lavender town

  3. … am I alone when I say I want a death note monopoly and a black butler monopoly….

  4. Whats with everyone saying Pokemon? You do know they're are two versions of Pokemon monopoly already out, with a third to be released later this year right?

  5. How about a MLP monopoly? Is there no respect for the ponies?

  6. I have the Smurf Edition, Monopoly Empire, Electronic Banking and of course the Original Monopoly!! I love this game!!!

  7. garfield monopoly and sesame street monopoly

  8. YouTube one equals awesomeness

  9. Schnuks a local grocery store has their own monopoly game.

  10. HA south park monopoly was made and i own it! i also own a waking dead (comic book) version and ofcourse the official dutch version. i would love to see a horror version of monopoly with locations of movies like nightmare on elmstreet, friday the 13th, halloween, childs play, hellraiser, romero's living dead movies NO SAW! or a universal monster edition that would be kinda cool…Teenage mutant ninja turtles edition, if it doesn't excist already a batman version en i know they made a spider-man edition but i would also love to see an x-men edition.

  11. American Coinage Monopoly – illustrating design changes, intrinsic content, weight, dimensions, and what the particular coin would buy when it was introduced and what it would buy before either the content had changed or the coin's design was changed. Coin mintage, legislation, national debt, economic theory, collector coin auction prices, rare coins, error coins, and other factoids of this subject all incorporated into the existing template and it could keep with the games original premise.  Hopefully, through a responsible and unbiased design free of the fiat paper printers and digital input advocates the Parker Brothers company could educate anyone who was given the chance to play it.  The pieces would be easy to make and could include specially minted Monopoly coin borders that could act as bezels for real coin inserts either slabbed clear protectors or open and interchangable? Think of the big money collectors sets they could make using silver and gold coins and they could couple up with any of the minting facilities like the Franklin mint or coin dealers or authentication services like NGC or PCGS.  What do you think?

  12. zombie monopoly instead of hotel there guns and when you pass go you kill a zombie and in stead of going to jail you die

  13. I laughed my ass off when he sang the lala song XD

  14. adventure time monopoly. buy the candy kingdom!

  15. Hot Wheels Monopoly the spaces will be cars

  16. 0:36 For some reason, that was at Work out world in the babysitting section.

  17. Kitchen Sink Monopoly! Seriously. With Dawn Soap as utilities and freakin' Scrubby Bubbles railroad!

  18. A sonic monopoly game where the spaces are zons like green hill emerald Hill

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