Top 5 - Monopoly Live Wins (Game of the Year 2019) -

Top 5 – Monopoly Live Wins (Game of the Year 2019)

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Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Live has been crowned Game of the Year at EGR Operator Awards! The special edition of their Dream Catcher game has been very popular by players and nonetheless for the CasinoGrounds community members. In this video, we bring you the top 5 biggest wins on this online casino game, starting with the lowest amount of money won ending with the biggest amount. You’ll find a good mix of casino streamers and community members featured.

Featured players:
#5 00:15 – Marcel1111 ()
#4 02:00 – Huneasd ()
#3 05:36 – Slotspinner ()
#2 08:39 – Apehehe ()
#1 12:53 – Prodigy ()


  1. Where’s Letsgiveitaspin great comeback win? It has to be up there.

  2. French streamer Bidule won 85k€ on monopoly this month

  3. i think everyone is getting a thousand dollars

  4. Neve dont play this game fucking scam idiots I loss all my money ther all dont have nothing naw I hope all this organisation go to hell

  5. A french streamer (bidule) won 93K eur 1 week ago, but fine … 😉

  6. first clip… the german translation couldnt be more off. better dont translate if its that bad…

  7. The german translation in the first clip is actually kinda funny.

  8. Why did the guy in the last clip turn into Micky Mouse when the roll landed

  9. You forget Bidule win, he won 85k€ which is the World record

  10. For once, slotspinner was the so called "lucky one". dang he must not see what we see. lmao

  11. Did you translate it with Google?😂 No front but the translation is very bad 😂(I mean the first)… but I love the highlights here!👏🏻

  12. For the first win is not prodigy its bidule 93 000 dollars its a french streamer

  13. wrong translated as hell the first one…. gosh

  14. Die Übersetzung ist ja mal mega 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Dude wtf the Translation from the First Clip is completly wrong

  16. How is this not legit in the U.S. yet? Im not talking about vpn either. I mean legit accessable to U.S. dollar.

  17. Mickey Mouse and his Friends wins lots of money 😂

  18. holy shit 4500x that would've been over 110k on a $25 bet

  19. คนสุดท้าย+4,000,000 OMG!!

  20. I hate this scandinavic languages cant even listen to it. Worst ugly languages ever

  21. Such a shame that 3 streamers play with fake money… discusting

  22. I didn’t know Mickey Mouse is now dealing with a gambling addiction

  23. Today in the morning was 9600X I was watching it live , unfortunately I couldn’t catch to bet on it , they closed the bet 2 seconds was going to change my life , but I am unlucky in general. Actually from my experience after losing a lot of money, it’s only about luck so if you lucky yes gamble, but if you not such like my situation you will suffer a lot .

  24. Do people actually get the money from this?

  25. Biggest scamaz game in the history of online gambling

  26. Does Mr monopoly only upgrade the values once now?

  27. Isn't that bitcoin worth like millions now?

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