Travel Edition Monopoly Board Game Review! Grab & Go Games on the Go! | Board Game Night -

Travel Edition Monopoly Board Game Review! Grab & Go Games on the Go! | Board Game Night

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We compare and review two copies of travel edition Monopoly Board Games.
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  1. The cardboard is a sticker you have to stick it in the board

  2. The one on the right, you can still get that today

  3. Bruh, the boards are stickers. Read the instructions

  4. can any1 send me a copy of the rules sheet for the Monopoly Games To Go version the one with the keys thanksplease send me a message

  5. 2:02 actually, it's a sticker. You peel off the bottom of the cardboard, and you can stick the sheet on to the board

  6. I wish you showed more about the contents of the grab and go

  7. What's even the point of this? If you want to play a Monopoly game at a hotel or something, just bring the actual game.

  8. This is primarily for use in something like a camper or tent not really a car, MAYBE a flight

  9. I have a pocket sized version of Monopoly.In theory it would be ideal for playing while travelling. The pieces are all magnetic so they stick on the board, the whole thing's about the size of a pocket diary… perfect, right?Well actually, no. In practice, this version really stinks! The pieces are so small and fiddly they are all but impossible to use, and the whole thing is a shambles.Oddly enough, I have Cluedo – or Clue in the uncivilised parts of the world 😁 – in exactly the same size, magnetic pieces etc. and it works fine. I think there are just too many pieces in Monopoly to make it work very well.Great video guys, but that's nothing new.

  10. The issue of Travel games is that the contents are so small, they're easy to lose!

  11. Worth mentioning is that you don't have any Chance or Community Chest cards. Instead, you roll the dice and check a list to see what effect you're going to get.

  12. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    I have a travel monopoly too

  13. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    I guled my cardboard to the box after splting it in half

  14. Peel the back of the cardboard board that just “sits there” and discover that it is a sticker😂

  15. The board is a sticker and you are supposed to peel the back and stick it on the board.

  16. I got one of the newer versions about a month ago, I'm honestly thinking about cutting the board in half and using a spray adhesive to just stick both sides to the plastic.

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