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U.S. Presidents Play Monopoly

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This video in its entirety is SATIRE and is just to entertain and for the humor in it all. What you hear throughout the video is A.I.-generated audio of voices recreated by real people. The A.I. voices here do not reflect their real counterparts.

The President’s play Monopoly Plus and cope, seethe & mald.

Created in part by ElevenLabs: elevenlabs.io



  1. It would’ve been funny if he choose Chinese

  2. Obama should have been the race car so then he can play the race card. lol


  4. These are replicas of the presidents that way we can explain Donald being here and not in court

  5. Yo dude you gotta make more of these president videos

  6. The AI presidents feels more human than the real presidents.

  7. I like when they all have chances to shine, and moments of fails. This seemed off-balance to me, and I won't say who bc at the end of the day, this is parody, and that's the point. Good enough overall, I got my lols


    I've lost count of how many of these I've seen lmao they're so good.

  9. Ngl I was expecting Trump to be the one rage quitting.

  10. True fact trump would make real best against his opponents when playing monopoly he often would bully them after losing and played often in his teen years

  11. READING RAINBOW lol that's a reference I haven't heard in a long time

  12. 0:26 Akshually the flag of the USA is nowhere to be seen, there is however this flag with 15 Stars but that OBVIOUSLY can't be the USA since the US has 50 states. Biden is as confused as I am -🤓

  13. I like the play on the right opinion and new the left opinion

  14. It’s pronounced Redding Railroad btw, Reading is a town in Massachusetts and that’s where the train goes

  15. missed opportunity
    joe should've picked the italian flag at the start, thinking it was irish

  16. I wonder what would happen if the USA has an actual AI president?

  17. She's a 10 but how well does she do BURRRRRRRRRRR

  18. If this were real, Trump would be the one who went Bankrupt. And go to Jail. 🙂

  19. What do you think, GW, Cannon or Battleship?

  20. I never thought watching monopoly would be this entertaining

  21. I didn't realize how cool video board games have gotten.

  22. These Ai President's Video's is what pretty much brings Republican's and Democrats together in real life

  23. Random comment but I feel like Trumps voice is the hardest to perfect but this is pretty close. Obamas and Bidens voice seem easier to replicate.

  24. I love how the narrators voice sounds like Ben Shapiro

  25. obama quits kinda like how he is in real life

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