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U.S. Presidents Play Monopoly

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This video in its entirety is SATIRE and is just to entertain and for the humor in it all. What you hear throughout the video is A.I.-generated audio of voices recreated by real people. The A.I. voices here do not reflect their real counterparts.

The President’s play Monopoly Plus and cope, seethe & mald.

Created in part by ElevenLabs: elevenlabs.io



  1. Who tf auctions a railroad on the first turn? Biden needs another checkup

  2. This reminds me playing with my cousins when I was little.

  3. Anyone else thought their PS5 switched on with that beep?

  4. The black guy is the first to hit prison. Perfect.

  5. Now we need President Carter, Clinton, and Bush Jr.

  6. "You haven't won anything since 2016" I'm dead 💀💀

  7. Who ever reading this God bless you saying to who believe

  8. Of course the black man goes to jail first corrupt american police system

  9. Very cool! I've been trying to make AI voice memes too, could you maybe check it out and give me some feedback? I appreciate any support. Thanks 🙂

  10. I thought trump said he wanted the race card

  11. Gee, I never realized Monopoly was such a fun game 🙂

  12. Yes fuck the shitty railroads id rather have HIV than Railroads in monopoly.

  13. Trump really is bad at realestate, why didn’t he go for the second red instead of giving it to Biden.

  14. How does the president ai work?

  15. @1:05 im with obama, if your going to be sus at least be a little less sussy.

  16. did u record the gameplay then write the script? Bc im wanting to start doing thse but dunno how to start with the script and whatnot

  17. Broo what is this game can someone please name it for me? Its fire

  18. bruh i pressed play on vid and i heard my discord channel poping off all of a sudden then realized im dumb.. 🙁

  19. Thank You Jesus Christ Of Nazareth For This Healing This Truth This Life Amen

  20. Trump and Obama arguing over who can be the race-ist 😂

  21. Why wouldn’t you buy the property turn one?

  22. id watch a full 8 hour video of them shooting the shit playing games like this you should do that

  23. These make you want to think of South Park for real. Trump is Cartman incarnate. Biden is Kyle. Obama is Stan and Bush reminds me of Butters

  24. Sleepy Joe plus the “I really don’t want this property you guys” at the same time was funny.

  25. I would have went with the battleship than a fucking thimble

  26. Damn. Obama getting the railroads?
    Missed a good underground railroad gag

  27. 0:05 I like to imagine them all living together in the same house, like a normal 3 bedroom house, not the White House or some mansion

  28. which tool(s) did you use to create the voices? (is it text to celebrity-speech; or just voice to celebrity-speech?)

  29. Finger slipped like 8 times? Terrible reasoning and storytelling

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