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Unboxing: Monopoly Arcade: Pac-Man edition by Hasbro Gaming

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Hello and Welcome
In this video I unbox Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man edition by Hasbro Gaming – licensed by Bandai Namco Entertainment inc.

Unboxing Playlist 

Trading Card Playlist:

Opening Blind box/bags:

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  1. You'll be upset to find out you could've got it from Aldi coming up soon (1st Dec 2021), for $16.99!!!! 😯😯😯

  2. I love monopoly i like it but i kinda like pacman

  3. This is awesome, pac man wil neva die, 1 hell of a game. Cant pick it up as my target closed n i dont hav target near me, i hav 2 travel 2 get 2 my closes 1 but thats ok😃🤙🏿

  4. bro first of all this man is underrated af give him support,

    second of all i stumbled upon you today and i've realised that you make really good unboxing videos. that's a sub from me <3

  5. You play pac man and monopoly. IT’S A TWO FOR ONE DEAL!

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