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Unboxing | Monopoly Game of Thrones Collector’s Edition!

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I unbox Monopoly Game of Thrones Collector’s Edition! Incredible version of the game! What house would you choose?
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  1. Hah, I love Monopoly and though am still behind like Game of Thrones too. This is pretty cool 🙂 ^Urgo

  2. Thank you so much for doing this video! I've been debating whether or not to get this edition, so it's nice to see an unboxing of it! 🙂

  3. @Leonhart54 Keep up the awesome work, Your videos are awesome and entertaining👍

  4. Don't suppose you'll be making a video playing this will you

  5. Dude I'm loving these unboxing videos! I never really got into game of thrones, do you recommend i do? The thing is I'm maybe kinda sorta not 18 so yeah even though i watched breaking bad. I love the elder scrolls etc. So i wouldnt mind watching it but i don't think its on Netflix. Keep up these epic vids, [from me:D]

  6. Only 1,300 subs…. How don't you have loads of subs!

  7. Monopoly Game of Thrones makes so much sense, as your friends aren't your friends afterwards, just like in the show.

  8. what the hell…… Free car parking ???? why didn`t they change that and the policeman goto jail??? spoils it for me 🙁

  9. this is awesome, getting the normal one for my birthday in 8 days 🙂

  10. whats the difference between the collectors edition and the normal one

  11. This is a monopoly I need in my life. This is so awesome. I love game of thrones.

  12. I can't understand why people still play this game. It's so dull. This game was great 80 years ago. Today modern board games are way better than this. p.s. "parking lot" in this edition is hillarious.

  13. is this the delux deversion? i whant those dices!

  14. I would TOTALY play monopoly with you online I fricking love monopoly

  15. I don't understand, It says published 2015, yet tonight, 2017, is season finale. coincidence or Enigma of whatsitsface?

  16. Would have been dope if they didn't cut corners and give up on creativity when it came to things like the jail the gaurd who sends you to jail free parking etc even the GO square could have had a bit more thought, they sold themselves short.

  17. It looks fantastic but the 'Go to Jail,' 'Jail' and 'Go' spaces doesn't really fit in with the rest of the board.

  18. Thanks for this video! Was really curious on what made this set different from the other one monopoly just released. Please use a different camera angle tho next time cause the one you chose was awful. It's about the item being unboxed and not about yourself after all.

  19. Nice graphics. Too bad monopoly is one of the worst games to actually play.

  20. Several websites sell this without the scroll. Where can I find a genuine collector's edition for GOT?

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