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Unboxing Most Expensive Limited Edition Monopoly Game on Amazon

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  1. are they serious 500 dollars for this monopoly

  2. For anyone curious about internationally renowned 3D Pop Artist Charles Fazzino: Since developing his distinctive 3D art technique more than thirty years ago, Charles Fazzino’s name has been synonymous with bright, whimsical, and wonderfully detailed 3D Pop Art. His work can be seen in hundreds of galleries and museums worldwide.

  3. I need more lol more limited editions Taras Kul cuz im already halfways saves for this monopoly board i need more!!!! Lol great content man

  4. i thought he got scamed when he opened it lol

  5. look at this $500 for globalist propaganda

  6. Love the vid! Only thing about this set is the game board is glass and the game pieces are metal. If you’d actually use it you’ll probably end up scratching the class. They should’ve put a fabric bottom on every piece.

  7. I loved this limited edition unboxing! It gives the excitement of having it without everyone having to get it. Please make more as you seemed excited to receive it as well!

  8. The part where this guy goes hmmm Canadian currencies just kills me. Why do people mak fun of Canada so much?

  9. Global Monopoly – how appropriate in these days.

  10. where the one with the diamonds as dots on the dice

  11. Can you play on this monopoly board or is it a framed picture that you can mount on your wall?

  12. $500 dollars 2000 made that's $1,000,000 dame

  13. That board is some work of art… I'd buy it just to hang it on my wall.

  14. The board is awesome. They should make better player pieces for 500 tho.

  15. Yooooo I forgot you existed bro😂💀

  16. That board is really sick I would like to see more stuff like this. It's a very unique item I didn't it even existed.

  17. Слышу русский акцент и вправду русский! :))))

  18. If I spent $500 for a Monopoly game the fighting would start before we even played one game.

  19. One of my favorite board game to play. Keep up the good work 🙂

  20. 😍 I'm obsessed with monopoly! I would definitely play on that board.

  21. I would loved if their would be some electronic banking unit

  22. I would worry about scratching this up

  23. When he said “here’s the cubes”, I wheezed in laughter

  24. I thought this would be years ago but I started watching your videos when I was 7

  25. Thats the best they could do for the tokens? Kind of cheap for such a nice edition

  26. What will be the price of this monopoly in Indian rupee???

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