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Unboxing Most Expensive Limited Edition Monopoly Game on Amazon

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  1. It has some La Casa De Papel names in there 😩❤️

  2. Buy more limited edition stuff to review

  3. Yes new nd different things.
    I think u also got tired of showing same things agan and again

  4. I believe you can DIY the same thing with some frames, glass and a couple normal sets of monopoly.

  5. This video made me want to buy it 😩 It's so beautiful and unique 😍

  6. Moooooreeeee Videeoooooos liiiiike theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseee!!!!! 😁👍🏼 Hi from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 . Followed you for a couple years now, Congrats! 👏

  7. this game look's like is made four kids from 5-10 years and nothing more

  8. We want more limited edition..this video was totally satisfying too wach

  9. It's going to be worth about $20 next year at your garage sale.

  10. I wouldnt even play it
    I meant because i wouldnt want to break it in some way

  11. Unbox the "500 million edition PS4", super rare and limited 😊

  12. Taras: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Absurdly overpriced game: ⭐⭐✰✰✰

  13. "On the other side, beautiful."(other side completely black)

  14. I didn’t know cubes was Russian for dice

  15. balloon thing is called a zeppelin balloon, it was used in the war

  16. Неужели русский акцент так тяжело поправить?Или англечанам так больше нравится?

  17. Can you play the monopoly with someone for a video plz

  18. The board looks awesome, but all the game pieces are pretty lame. I had the Yugioh Duel Masters special edition board and it had the most beautiful and well crafted figurines.
    Sadly I only have one piece left with me, but wow were they amazing ❤

  19. за такие бабки, сделали односторонние купюры. левак…

  20. sure limited edition stuff will be appreciated…….

  21. How much is it worth in rubles?

  22. Everybody : Monopoly!
    Taras : here's new disease monopolio!

  23. What's funny that the game actually reflects what a monopoly is considering the monetary system is in itself a monopoly.

  24. Wow.. its been a whole year (i think)
    Im gald i found you again

  25. Missed opportunity to make the 500 dollar bill the bitcoin symbol

  26. I’ve been collecting monopoly since I was 8 I have more than 40 different versions

  27. now smash it! like would happen in a real game

  28. That was a beautiful monopoly game, limited edition stuff can be a bit of a con but this was really nice 👍🏼

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