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Unboxing Most Expensive Limited Edition Monopoly Game on Amazon

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  1. imagine somebody watching this in 2075 and going nuts because this guy just opened a collectible edition game that's worth millions.

  2. LDUNM 🙂 Btw I’m a small You Tuber that’s trying to grow 👍😀

  3. Collectors be crying rn watching a noob treat this collectible so rough

  4. The balloon thing is called zeppelin 😅

  5. Great unboxing Taras!! I love Fazzino’s art, it’s some of my favorite; definitely do more of these videos.

  6. What website did you discover this game!? You said it was a site that has weird stuff.

  7. Парень, как ты зарабатываешь? Хочу тоже так делать.

  8. Houses and hotels are really disappointing.

  9. I am watching this while i listen to hardbass Stay cheeki breeki

  10. is this (Abdeladim Bouassel) Manager of "Crazy Russian Hacker" true staff of CRH? He sent me an email, I just need to verify.

  11. I mean… I like monopoly, but Taras must realllllly like monopoly.
    I'll stick to the poor man's version

  12. For 500 that game better blow me everytime I land on free parking

  13. Consider attaching some felt to the bottom of those aluminum pieces! They should have for that price….

  14. In the original game for the player pieces they where wooden pieces of colors such as orange, red, green and yellow, blue and purple

  15. I enjoyed this. Limited edition stuff seems cool. But anything you post is amazing my friend

  16. But a $ 150 million bell air mansion

  17. For a collector, the damaged box will reduce the value of the item considerably especially if it is resold in an auction. Send it back and tell them to change the box.

  18. Looks like there are little lights on the board.

  19. OK Mr. Overdramatic Taras At 2:14 you really needed that knife again to get through all that styrofoam? And the WOW, it has this really big plastic….

  20. It is quite heavy …..and more heavy on the pocket

  21. I like it but It Would be really cool if it was an all original version in 3D somebody should make that

  22. That'll be worth something in years to come

  23. They need a harry potter monopoly board.

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