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Upland Brings Monopoly-Like Property Ownership to the Gaming World

Joel Comm
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Do you want to be a property tycoon? The new Upland app allows you to own digital titles to real-world properties in a fun game for iOS and Android phones.

From the official website:

Welcome to UPLAND. The property trading game that’s smashing the boundaries of the real and virtual worlds. BUY. SELL. TRADE. Keep properties FOREVER. They are truly yours because UPLAND is powered by the EOS BLOCKCHAIN.

Want first dibs on exclusive digital properties in San Francisco? We’re offering now access to Upland’s OPEN BETA, giving you an early choice of exclusive properties before the big launch later in 2020!

Register now, grab a signup bonus and start playing. Purchase your first property as a visitor and level up to become an Uplander who gains TRUE OWNERSHIP over digital real estate assets.

Watch this overview and register for free at


  1. anyone here a member of upland and fed up with the childish direction of their recent updates/emails? easter egg hunt and "hero cards". Ive iinvested real money into a property management game and im sure im not the only one that finds this new stuff complete bull**

  2. when I try to buy a property it says that only Uplanders can buy. Cannot buy anything.

  3. a search for upland brought me here, I know this voice.. it's Joel from Badcrypto podcast! sub'd

  4. Seems the only way to get any quantity property is to spend real cash. Am I missing something?

  5. How could i earn BTC in playing Upland? I just started playing yesterday and would love to know more about the game that's why I'm here watching your video. 🙂

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