Using fake money to buy things - Monopoly Money -

Using fake money to buy things – Monopoly Money

Viva La Dirt League
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Ben is up to his usual antics – this time trying to use monopoly money to buy stuff from Playtech.



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  1. First joke is the absolute best, "That's Ben. Bee, Eee, Enn, Ben"

  2. wouldn't it be funny if we had get out of jail free cards in real life

  3. For once Rowan wasnt there, and I actually thought for once Alan was going to get a win

  4. Its funny cos if Rowan was behind the counter he would've just taken the monopoly money 😂😂😂

  5. mantep slotKING69 , abis wd 3jt aing 😍👍

  6. I half-expected Rowan to show up and accept the money.

  7. The sad thing is, I could legit seeing this being a real story in America (besides the chance card part)

  8. Ben is so good at being a jerk I actually hate him. Lol

  9. To be fair real money only has value because we say it does

  10. Real money is fake money, because it holds no real value.
    Coins made of metal however…..

  11. Could've been funnier if it was ''collectibles with no monetary value''.

  12. lol… Get out of jail free card…. i should carry one around with me for kicks.

  13. When I visit new Zealand, i will go to playtech after opening hours demanding flatclicker and insisting on paying with Monopoly money.

  14. If you carried a comfortable polo style shirt (with collar) with your logo, I would totally buy several and start wearing them to work.

  15. Half expected the cop to believe the Monopoly money.

  16. He should've given the cop the Go to Jail card and taken away the 200 dollars.

  17. Well technically, the cop was arresting him and taking him to the station. If a judge convicts him with jail time, he could use the card then? But if it's a fine or any other form of punishment, that card would be useless :p

  18. I just want to see an episode where Alan finaly snaps and kill Ben.

  19. Make a hangover kind of movie with all of you on it being as crazy as you can be!

  20. If you've worked retail, you've known a "Ben" character.

  21. LMAO!!! Classic. 🤣🤣🤣

  22. What was that? I didn't get the joke. Why the policemen changed his mind? 😳

  23. I don't get it, Monopoly money doesn't work but the Get Out of Jail Free card does.

  24. I was surprised Ben didn’t pull out the “I want to speak to your manager.”

  25. Plot twist!
    The cop was a fake cop hired by Ben to pretend to arrest him, and then, at the last second accept his card. The plan worked like a charm

  26. "I'm more trying to buy my way out of getting in trouble."

    Sounds like bribing with extra steps.

  27. When Chuck Norris plays Monopoly, it affects the actual world economy.

  28. When you arrive at NZ airport as a foreigner you have to sign a legal document declaring you are entering the country not for the purpose of punching Ben in the face.

  29. And then back at the station, the cop realises he also got robbed, of his handcuffs 🤣

  30. There was actually 1 video I didn't like. Thanks YT algorithm for showing me.
    DAMN that's a brilliant one! 😀

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