Using fake money to buy things - Monopoly Money -

Using fake money to buy things – Monopoly Money

Viva La Dirt League
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Ben is up to his usual antics – this time trying to use monopoly money to buy stuff from Playtech.



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  1. Actually. Monopoly money is not fake. It just does not have any real value.

  2. Honestly, legally, theft implies they stole or are stealing something without the owner's consent. There is full consent here so it's not theft, however this would be considered an act of trying to defraud a person/company so that part is correct.

  3. Before it happens I'm gonna guess that Ben get's taken to jail and then he pulls out a get out of jail free card.
    4:34 Yes!

  4. “Sir imma have to ask you to leave the premises now.. otherwise i will have to arrest”

    “Oh yeah and what are you gonna do?”

    “….Um I just said that I’m gonna arrest you”

  5. Is Ben Karen's son that she came into the store for?? 1) He's here for headphones 2) in the the voucher video he brings up the consumers right act

  6. Look up the secrets of money. 🙂 You be shocked. Also the American dream.

  7. Money we use today isn't backed by gold or silver.

  8. I'm calling the police

    Rowan: "Police, so what's going on here?"

  9. The last "WHAT???" 😂😂🤣🤣

  10. Jesus you know when Ben wanders in you know he will get what he wants😂

  11. That cop is so handsome and the subtle voice of him too. Dang

  12. Why don't you accept this hand draw gaming setup with your legal tender ay 🙂

  13. The actor who played the policeman was playing brilliantly

  14. Greg: You can't just go into a real store and buy things with fake money, the world doesn't work like that.
    Milton Friedman: bitter tears

  15. How did they have the budget to hire Chris Pine's older brother?

  16. Thought the title said monopoly moment and it still fits

  17. If Alan does not accept money, just pay with houses or hotels…

  18. Any money not backed by gold or silver is basically monopoly money anyway.

  19. I think Alan should be replaced by Ben as a better worker

  20. video over 2 years old, yet we see plenty of videos of people insisting others are "infringing on their RIGHTS!" these days. Like the guy in arizona who went to do a 'citizens arrest' on a school principal because they pulled a student out of class to quarantine while waiting for parents due to their contact with a COVID positive person. Literally, the guy thought it was a crime for a student to be pulled out of a classroom and had to wear a mask while waiting for his parents to pick him up. And thought it was his 'right' to go an arrest the principal. So, it happens in real life, people are genuinely as stupid as ben's character.

    C'mon world-ending asteroid or supervolcano!

  21. So at the end, Ben takes the headset and the cop confiscated the money.
    Playtech just lost both stock and money during this transaction.
    So, without the money to pay for the headset, Ben technically stole it, bringing everything back to where it started.

  22. In prison, it is as good as real money.

  23. Plot Twist: The cop and the guy both planned it to get the headset for free.

  24. Why has no one said this the police is looking like Chris Hemsworth

  25. Alan using an apple phone is the most unrealistic thing I have ever seen on this channel

  26. An other sovereign citizen thinking that the rules don't apply for him. 🥸

  27. May be real cops would have come after our cop left! Smart.

  28. Plot twists; the cop and Ben were working together for free stuff.

  29. I wonder if I will ever see this in real life a Karen forcing people to accept play money as real money 🤣

  30. Im just wasting my time to see two idiot in this video.

  31. Establish your own country and adopt monopoly as your currency.

  32. It would be funny if them the real cop showed up

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