Using fake money to buy things - Monopoly Money -

Using fake money to buy things – Monopoly Money

Viva La Dirt League
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Ben is up to his usual antics – this time trying to use monopoly money to buy stuff from Playtech.



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  1. Cheat for infinite money: Should you be about to run out of your legal New Zealand Monopoly money, just buy another copy of the game with what you have left.

  2. Series with Ben make me feel Kafka's vibe literally.
    Good job of screen writing, Alan!

  3. Can you call the cops for theft if you didn't accept money?

  4. 300$ for headsets. I'd use monopoly money too.

  5. And here I was thinking something right would happen! Silly me!

  6. When the cop said "Are you trying to bribe me?", the response should've been "How can I bribe you if you don't agree that this is real money"

  7. Ben makes manages to make me lose my head every video. Props to his acting

  8. This should be a video on how to educate government on how to spend money and to understand that it isn't monopoly 💰

  9. jokes on them, that monopoly money is more valuable than New Zealand currency.

  10. on a side note i do know a guy who used a "get out of jail" card and the cop let him go …….. he was drunk in public and they did not arrest him because he did the meme

  11. Now we just need police guy coimng back with monopoly money to buy things.

  12. Rowan would have easily accepted them without question.

  13. I was expecting Rowan to show up and allow it because it says "legal tender."

  14. What’s the policeman actor’s name? I need it for…research purpose

  15. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💰💰💰👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🤣🤣🤣

  16. If you account for the fact that a Monopoly box comes with $20580Mo and costs about $20NZ, each monopoly dollar is worth ~0.01 Nz cents. So to buy the $370 Nz Arctis Pro Ben would actually need about $380730 monopoly dollars to pay for the headset at the current exchange rate.

  17. Bruh. I didn’t know they were in New Zealand 😳

  18. I can't help it… But does New Zealand accent sound a bit like Londo Molari from Babylon 5?

  19. That cop puts the fine in New Zealand's Finest. Dayum.

  20. Whoever is in retail, if I get to make a law, I will make the law that retailers are allowed to beat up their bad customers

  21. I just learned they're from New Zealand.

  22. Plot twist the real cop walks in a minute later

  23. That “or woman” bit at the end was hilarious 😂

  24. I wish my name was Ben . so when i was feeling obnoxious or gregarious I could say "My name is Ben , spelt B..E..N " lol how bloody funny just to see the persons reaction

  25. After watching so many of their videos, maybe it's Alan who is really not a normal person in this world.

  26. I mean in America our money might as well be monopoly money

  27. Ben just has a friend that works on the police force

  28. Technically he wasn't in a Jail so he could not use the "get out of the jail" card

  29. I love how most of these skits ends with Alan saying "W-WHAAT?"

  30. Ben is so good at playing that annoying customer, you can't help but to love hating him. Hahaha great work man.

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