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We Bet $3,000 On A Game of Monopoly…

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Got a different kind of video for you guys today – TimTheTatman, Cloakzy, Swagg and a few more of us all bet BIG money on a single game of Monopoly, so what could go wrong? As you can imagine, things got intense quickly, with a lot of backstabbing along the way 😂 Enjoy the video, peace and love baby!

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  1. Love this squad. Booya is the man. Love that he's starting to pick up steam.

  2. Rewatches the stream to see if dev error..worth all 3 hours of my time 😂😂😂great to see all the boys together giving eachother shit..lol

  3. Nick can you do business with me please ?

  4. Nick your content is awesome man keep it up brother you are an inspiration to me you make me laugh and want to become a better gamer man

  5. Mr Brian Nelson is the best, recommending him to all beginners who wants to recover losses like I did,

  6. Maybe learn to play monopoly before you drop 500 bucks on a game.

  7. need to reduce respawn time, improve loot and lobby ranked in rebirth island… reduce resurgence to a maximum of 10 seconds. putting more weapons on the ground, players fall and are left with only pistols, it's horrible… leave the more casual lobbies ranked by k.d…separate k.d from up to 0.80 from the others, from 0.81 to 1.20… so on…

  8. Got love nick. I started rolling just now when he talked them into making Tim spend 1k for Illinois 🤣

    Edit: I just saw Tim go bankrupt two seconds later. You can’t make this shit up.

  9. welp monopoly just missed out on a bag by that one crash being seen by millions.

  10. i havent watched much of anyones streams for anyone in a while but when it came one stayed for the whole thing it was great.

  11. I love that Tim gets fucked no matter what game he plays 😂

  12. nick i love this kind of content you and all the boys playing different games together is always a big W and hilarious ! more please

  13. Please play Titanfall. Titanfall upload c’maan 🤷🏻

  14. A fun idea would be playing uno with Tim clock and swag

  15. This was fun to watch. It was unfortunate Timmy got disqualified by a stupid rule and the game ended with dev error. It was fun to watch y’all have fun.

  16. PLEASE for the love of god who's got the VOD link?

  17. Nick even trying to use his controller to play monopoly 😂

  18. I lol’d at nick being tilted that his controller wouldn’t work and had to use the mouse😂

  19. I dig this type of Content Nick, it's nice to see some variety every once in a while, you guys should go back on pummel party one day

  20. I just wanna say what nick did at the end was SELLING THE GAME. There was no point and selling off the browns because they were hotels not houses. And he lost a house in the process, should have sold the red houses hoteled the pink and then rehoused the red

  21. imagine being a grown man and calling yourself swag.

  22. DO NOT BUY WEAPONS Do not play call of duty games they cheat you on all your money and the game is not worth anyone at all their guys die do not trust me I know what I am talking about BUY NO WEAPONS YOU PLAY AGAINST A COMPUTER AND THEY DECIDE WHEN YOU WILL DO NOT BUY AN ARMS

  23. Yo, I watched this WHOLE game on stream. Shit was actually pretty glorious. Would love to see more Monopoly.

  24. What version of monopoly is this ?

  25. I rather see him play random games than apex and warzone

  26. Sad, monopoly was my favorite game as a kid. But that was the best part of the real game, you could use custom rules. Cause the real rules suck and make the game way to slow.

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