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We Don’t Play Monopoly in this Video

Wilbur Soot
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  1. During Talisman…
    Tommy: I must fight sentinel! (looses)
    Phil: Casually actually playing the game
    Wilbur: Winning (Haxs)
    Techno: BRUHHHHH Confusion

  2. #1 No Boomers

    #2 No Zoomers

    #3 No Weebs (Under Penalty Of DEATH) ((I'm Looking At You Phil))

    #4 No Marvel Stans

    #5 Stan Loona

    #6 No KPOP

    #7 No MLP Freindship Is FUCK

    #8 No Videos I've Already Seen Before

    #9 Staged Videos Are SHIT

    #10 Ignore Rule Number 5

    #11 Loud Videos Are Sometimes Funny

    A. Not Funny

    B. Funny

    BETA #11 Respect Authority But Only If They Are Not Challenging Your Rights (Otherwise Break A Windsheild)

  3. I'd love to see you guys play monopoly. Would you be willing to try again?

  4. I clicked on this video thinking title was a joke. It wasn’t.

  5. Wilbur: Promotes Genshin Impact

    Also Wilbur: No weebs by punishment of death

  6. @Wilbur Soot nothin to do with the video but!

    What if Dream needs a corpse or body to use the revival *Book*, which that's why he didn't just put tommy in the lava in the prison. To revive someone, he needs the corpse or body to take the soul or energy back to hands and rest it until another death is brought upon them, so if Tommy is to off himself in lava, wouldn't dream get obsessive and act as an owner over his body so he could keep him alive? If he jumped off a tall area, yes, he could revive him, but lava is a devouring source. Also, the needs at least somewhat full, Cuz when Wilbur exploded, in truth he would be in the ground or bones but that can still be used and put together… and a soul can fill into areas like that, so if it's in pieces a soul can't be put from each place, or he would 'rip it' and so that's why he probably waited until he had Ghostbur. Ghostbur got stuck on the prison's edge, we were close enough, his fear drove energy, and his 'last' lives body had still been in a good enough condition. Now, Wilbur was back, but to take it short for Tommy, if tommy is without a body, it leaves a soul with no emotions or energy to bring and no body to hold in, or in pieces, he would be broken, and not a normal person can put each vein and part into use, so If you see where I'm getting at, this is probably why dream wouldn't like it that Tommy is devoured by lava or another force of some kind. Just to add on, dream may have to know where the body is or if it Infront of himself.

    Thats my theory, a fan theory!

    What yall think of the theory?

    imma post this until ya see it. So u better be ready for even more notifcations and every new video.

  7. Hey I thought it was no weebs under the penalty of death but ayyy genshin :))

  8. If techno was in this video I now will feel horrible

  9. knowing we'll never get that monopoly stream makes me sadder than it should

  10. It's sad how we aren't going to get any 4/4 sbi game anymore, We miss you Technoblade.

    Man, I swear every time I write or say "Techno"
    I want to cry and my heart is getting more broken every time, It's so weird how a man that I met less than 1 year makes me cry more than when someone special died.

  11. my most favourite video , i will never forget <3

  12. I read sleepy bois and cried. sobbing

  13. Damn I am sad we won't get more sleepy boi stuff, I saw your stream today and I'm so sorry for your loss, hope you're doing well chief

  14. When wilbur said 'lets play transformice' I SCREAMED– I love that game so much im so glad he knows it- If he had a full stream of just that game i'd love to join in

  15. "May we be friends in the next life!"

    God I hope so too, man.

  16. "may we be friends in the next life"

    wow that feels different now i want to cry

  17. such a good SBI video, completely carried by their personalities

  18. “May we be friends in the next life”
    Man 🙁

  19. He may have passed but he isn't gone. Tommy, Phil, and Wil together is 4/4, because Techno's there hanging out with them. When they're alone, it'll be 2/4, because Techno is watching over them. He'll always be with them and with everyone he touched in his life. Rest in peace Techno, we miss your witty banter and kind heart every single day.

  20. “May we be friends in the next life” 🖤

  21. I LOVE TALISMAN I cant believe i havent found this until now

  22. "You've lost a life, Techno"
    "O god is that cannon?"
    im sad now.

  23. 18:30 – Technoblade words “May we be friends in next life”

  24. What’s sad is I watched this video after techno died 😥

  25. genshin is amazing, as a kokomi main though, co-op isnt as fun 🙁

  26. “May we be friends in the next life.”
    God damn.

  27. As a talisman player you are not good at talisman

  28. Techno’s “May we be friends in the next life” hits different now. RIP.

  29. techno saying "may we be friends in the next life" hits so much harder now lol


  31. How much you guys wanna bet the firewall also blocked cool math games

  32. DnD with some of the Dsmp members would be hilarious

  33. “May we be friends in the next life…”

  34. Im watching this the 1000 time and I’m still dying of laughter

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