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We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game

Jet Lag: The Game
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Created by Adam Chase, Sam Denby, and Ben Doyle
Featuring Toby Hendy ( @tibees )
Editing by Adam Chase, Ben Doyle, Henry Ariza
Motion Graphics by Lili Pereira, Dom Burgess , João Pessegueiro, Parker Simmons, Derek Brown, Elise Heersink, Sara Stoltman, Max Moser
Audio by Manni Simon, Donovan Bullen
Supervising Producer Graham Haerther
Artwork by Simon Buckmaster


  1. 😂the sad music for the digging 🤣🎶

  2. Dannggg my wife and I were just in New Zealand for our honeymoon in which we discovered your show during it! We left during December to go back to the states but we must have just missed you guys!! Awesome channel!! 🤘🤘

  3. Funny! I have just come back from a 4 week trip around NZ, just to see this was uploaded👍 when was this filmed?

  4. oh man, I've lived in NZ for a while and it was lovely. this seems like a lovely walk down the memory lane. or rather a wild ride down said memory lane

  5. Thanks for playing the ominous song that every journalist style YouTuber plays while your digging a hole at the beach😂

  6. Sadly, still no way to support you on Nebula seeing as they ONLY ACCEPT CREDITCARDS! I am seriously baffled by this.

  7. theres diffrent types of bread the vogels one is for toast

  8. 16:15 "Catching some pipis in the sand while we're at it."

    Pipis in a sack?

  9. Does fast food mean something different to Americans…? How is falafel from a kebab place not fast food?

  10. Sam and Toby should just say words that don’t contain that sound. It’s not hard. I don’t know why all that was said was ‘No Talk’ 😉

  11. Bruh, I forgot to check this channel for a new series and the new series is near enough already over. Also why Ben and Adam always together?

  12. Does somebody know what car Sam and Toby are driving? it looks pretty cool.

  13. Vogel's is iconic kiwi bread! But it is much better for toast than a sandwich, hence the packaging

  14. Wait, so Is New Zealand like the opposite of Australia in terms of "NOPE everything here will kill me" ???

  15. I'm guessing like snowboarding you have to put the weight on the front foot to go faster, and that's scary if it's your first time!

  16. The digging a hole in the sand is killing me hahaha (it's so hard) I feel bad for you guys but it is kinda funny how unlucky it was!

  17. They should've rung up local building businesses and asked if they can just use an industrial digger for 5 minutes and promote their business in return. could've dug that bad boy in 20 seconds and made some good content

  18. The real question is will Ben get drunk

  19. Would be way easier digging in the dry sand

  20. dunes, dunes, Dunes, Dunes, DUNES, DUNES, DUNEEESSSSSS

  21. “It’s called toast… that doesn’t make any sense” no no no you don’t understand. The square shaped bread that fits into a toaster is called “toast bread” across the world. And good nice round tast bread is just bread. Except here in the US (where I live) where only toast bread exists

  22. Shoulda saved 100 coins to skip the final challenge

  23. What better way to start a race than getting wet feet and sand in your pants!

  24. Oh my goodness, the spider web on the rear view mirror of the BMW 😂 13:24

  25. Sam and Toby: We’re doing great! Feels great to be ahead!

    hole has entered the chat

  26. I actually counted the total # of challenges, there are 71 of them total.

  27. Could they have build a mountain of sand and dug in to that?

  28. Its toast bread bro the Vogel sandwich bread is beside it 😉

  29. Who is here after the season finally and watching how Adam forgetting his jacket at the dunes must have dragged them away from the victory of this season.

  30. I kinda forgot about your videos, but than I saw a tweet by a friend of mine talking about this season.
    I'll watch and hope I'll finish it asap. 😂

  31. 23:00 I dont think either of you understand what "Sunk Cost Fallacy" IS

  32. Just caught Toby saying “Ahhhh that’s wet shoes for the rest of the day…” at the dunes. Love a practical queen.

  33. You guys could make a sand mountain 36 feet tall and then dig down from the top

  34. being Some one who was born and lives in nz, this was very triggering for me to watch, but keep up the good work

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