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Whats different about the Game of thrones Monopoly for adults with the iron throne?

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Hello Friends,
I got the new Game of Thrones monopoly and I wanted to give you a look at what it looks like and whats different. Thank you so much for watching. 😀

Monopoly Game of Thrones Board Game for Adults –

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  1. Jail should have been Dungeon with Theon behind bars.Go to Jail should have been Go to the Dungeon with The Mountain pointing the way.Free Parking should have been Free Folk with a picture of a Wilding or a snow covered tent.

  2. Looks okay, sadly in my country there is only some basic version of it.

  3. Why?????????? Why give more money to these people that ruined the story??? Boycott GOT for their lack of consideration to the fans

  4. It's cool! The iron throne is surprisingly large! I CANNOT however bring myself to buy anything Game of Thrones related as the ending of the show was SuuuuuuuuuCh a huge letdown! But your video was fun to watch in any case!

  5. Which one is better, this or collectors version?

  6. are the tokens made out of plastic?

  7. How come nobody noticed that Jail, Free parking and Go to jail fields were left as original?

  8. I had to watch this video to see how it looks. Now I’m going to buy it. Nice music too! Thanks 🙂

  9. I got mine with only 26 chance cards. But the guide says it has 32. I'm wondering how many chance cards you have.

  10. I feel like jail should have been the wall. Why do you have pieces blocking the names of some of the spaces???

  11. Looks very good. But lazy on the jail and go to jail blocks. Should have had a dungeon for jail and a knight for go to jail

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