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Why does everyone hate Monopoly? | The secret behind the world’s biggest board game

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Monopoly from Hasbro is one of the biggest board games in the world, so why does it get so much backlash from board game fans? Why does everyone hate Monopoly? From the secret history of Elizabeth Magie to the massive corporate machine that Hasbro has become, Wheels takes you through some of the reasons why Monopoly might not be all that it’s cracked up to be…

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  1. This game, and Risk is a No No in my home.

  2. There's nothing to hate in this game.. this is basically the American way of life…

  3. I don't think Monopoly deserves the disdain. I think it's quite fun, as long as you don't do anything to intentionally extend it and play according to the rules.

  4. Great job with the research.However, my only reason for disliking the Monopoly board game and it's many variations is the lazy creation of its many variations. Basically, they're a bunch of reskins that is released whenever some popular movie comes out that may or may not have some new rules on top of the original rules. A novelty board game in the end that produces nothing new besides pretty pictures.

  5. >purely luck basedHeh. Sounds like cope to me.Any game that lets you interact with other players will never be pure luck. Something like Snakes & Ladders is pure luck because you only care about your own piece. I've had shtty hands in Monopoly before and managed to trade with every single other player and win the game. What's more is that there's no rule for teaming up. Some guy just bankrupted a dude and have more properties? The rest of the landowners team up to take him down. Trade any prop to complete their ally's set for free. Trade cash to develop props. Only charging the one guy while refunding everyone in the alliance. The little guys teaming up to fight the big dude? Sounds familiar.Speaking of which, Magie's view was too zero sum. Not surprising given her beliefs. Being bankrupt doesn't mean not playing. Instead of being destitute, you can imagine it as entering a merger. Losing players at my table work together with their buyers. Returning to the social game aspect, you now have 2 or more people to negotiate with. 2 heads to think strategy. Some dude with early bad luck can win the game for his lucky, less socially skilled partner. Nothing says there can only 1 person can win. People aren't robots performing deterministic actions. Anyone assuming so can only think about taking larger pie pieces instead of making more pies.Going back to strat. Yes the dice is random, but houses aren't. It only seems random if you buy every single thing you can during your round, leaving you poor and vulnerable to even the smallest of rents. The fact that the creator thinks this is the only outcome says more about her. If you save enough money to cushion your fall, you can comfortably survive 2 3-houses property before your next pay. So, when's the right time to spend your money? When people are close to your properties. A 2d6 isn't as swingy as just 1 dice. It's has a bell curve averaging on 7. This means turning the game to risk assessment. Having 3 prop per set means there are 3 space where the opponent needs to land for you to upgrade your prop. If you want to be lenient and include 6-8 (because of the bell curve), that turns to 9 spaces.This isn't even mentioning sets themselves. Remember, you can basically get nearly any set you want if you're charismatic enough. Would you rather have 3 well developed props? 6 props in a line/corner? A cheap defensive prop + a killer set? Early rails to drain players and deny others buying and go straight to auctions? Compounding on that last point, tempo. The biggest jump to value is buying the 3rd house. You could decide to plop 3s on your set, but it goes back to the cushion dilemma. Buying less means less bang for your buck. Maybe you need to buy more to deny others potential houses. Or buy hotels to bankrupt/drain a dude 6-8 spaces away from your props. And since this is a social game, buying houses might spur others to do the same, while saving up means others can also relax. This means every player controls the tempo of the game, deciding when to build up and when to go for the throat. Would you go safe or risky?Can it go too long? Yes. If so, do house rules. Game ends after 1st bankrupt. Set a cash goal. First to reach it wins. Put a 20, 30, 40 turn limit. Or heck even put a real time limit like 1, 1.5, or 2 hours. Decide winners by cash, props, & houses. Or you can just play quickly and not sulk about how random it is while taking more than 2 minutes on your own turn or take 15 minutes on trading a non-monopoly prop. In fact, start making deals before your turn comes up. That way when it does, you're just signing the deal.You say Monopoly's randomness is a bad thing. I say it's actually beneficial. Being this random gives the illusion of a party game. Like beer pong. A low skill floor, skill ceiling game everyone can learn it in 5 minutes and beat long time players. Ironically, it doesn't have to be as sweaty as the 5 paragraphs above. Everyone can just stop playing if it gets boring and do other party sht like actually socializing. S&L is too simple with its randomness which is why people hated it. Monopoly has enough moving parts that you can actually influence randomness to your advantage. In short, have you ever wondered why nobody complained poker is too random? It's because if they do, they know they'll be called out as coping. Oh and eternal pessimists always construct bad economic models 🙃

  6. An overlooked issue is that someone has to be the banker, which is an endless chore. So there's always one player who doesn't get to enjoy the game because they're doing endless transactions.

  7. I think that another big reason why people don’t really like monopoly is that many people play with custom rules. Here is a list of the rules I have played with or friends/family have played with.1. Whenever you pay money to the bank (like from a card or space on the board) you put it in a pile in the center of the board. If anyone lands on free parking they get all the money from the center of the board.2. If you LAND on GO you get 500$3. No auction’s4. Every player starts with 5,000$5. You can build houses whenever you want (even if you don’t own all the property’s in a set)6. You have a credit of 2,000$ from the bank that you can use if you run out of money7. Adding more houses and hotels to the game because “they didn’t put enough in the box” (actually had one of my friend’s complain about that exact thing like a couple months ago)8. Custom chance and community cards like “when you next pass GO collect 1,000$” and other equally ridiculous ideas9. No trading10. Being able to give others players “loans” that usually come with pretty low risk for the person taking the loanEven though one or two of these rules combined might not affect the game that much I commonly see people use a lot of if not most of the rules I listed. Or at least some versions of them. So it’s not surprising that when you ask if someone wants to play monopoly they grown because in 90% of cases the “custom” rules make a 1-2 hour game take 3-5 hours or more in some cases. Most people just don’t want to subject themselves to that, and I can understand them.

  8. Honestly I dont like monopoly because i just find it boring. There is bearly and strategy in it, all you do is walk around and buy and spend stuff until one of you is broke. But now that I know the history of this game I would rather to play any other game even more now.

  9. The main reason why people hate monopoly is because the game is way too long. The real rules aren't good. Like why should you auction a property if you don't want to buy it at full price? The income tax rule of pay 10% of everything you own or $200. Which they changed this later in new Monopoly games of paying just the $200. Trading, another stupid thing in monopoly. If you play 3 players or more & somebody goes out, the person who gets all the properties mortgage has to pay the 10% on those properties whether he unmortgages them or not. The shortage of houses another stupid rule. The fact that I have to buy houses first to get a hotel. Chance cards that advance you places. Why? We already roll dice to advance to properties, why do I need cards to advance me as well? When I used to play Monopoly a couple of years ago I would play with house rules to make the game a lot shorter & even that was too long of a game. I would eliminate trades by having each player own a property set. The game would take like 2-3 hours instead of 6-8 hours.

  10. Finally watched this video. Look I dislike Monopoly for all the reasons discussed here AND on their podcast ad nauseam, but for Wheels to continue throughout this video to pretend they aren’t ragging on the game is completely disingenuous! They have had public tirade after public tirade about their hatred of the game AND its parent company along with most other Dicebreaker team-members. Why the pretense? They should just own the bias of this opinion piece, IMO. No counterpoint or alternative view was included. They didn’t even offer any of Lollies’ views, just their own. And what’s even more rich is the utter hypocrisy of someone from ReedPOP, itself wholly owned by RELX, an entity with as bad a reputation as Hasbro, and also itself a monopoly for all practical purposes, oh and by the way, is almost 5x the size of Hasbro! Keep this last bit in mind next time a ReedPOP entity asks you to fund their YT sites with paid memberships or Patreon support. Does THIS bully of a $60 BILLION corporate behemoth deserve your money any MORE than Hasbro?🤔

  11. Everybody hates monopoly because my sister is a big cheat and always stuffs a couple of hundreds in her left sock.

  12. I once had a Pokemon themed Monopoly set when I was a child. I had fun playing with the figurines and pretending it was one big dollhouse town.

    Apparently when I read the rules I was playing it wrong, but the actual game looked so boring, I didn't really care.

  13. I don't think people hate Monopoly.
    I think they hate playing me in Monopoly.

  14. The one other thing I'd mention about why to hate Monopoly: Most people play by a house rule (not in game rules) which generally involves all payments of taxes and bills from the cards and Income Tax spot to go into the middle and whomever lands on Free Parking gets all of it. This house rule (that I grew up thinking was a real rule) simply prolongs and already painful game.

  15. I knew that it had started as the Landlords Game as a socialist criticism about capitalism. Didnt know about the alternative or the story about how the game was stolen after they played and unironically enjoyed the game. So thanks Wheels.

  16. I actually love monopoly but no one I know does so I never get to play it.

  17. Hopefully, next week's episode is Wheels' treatise on how to make Monopoly fun

  18. Siting here sweating because the reason no one in my family likes monoply is because I always wreck them in monopoly.

  19. I'm not a fan of Monopoly, but the last part of the video falls a bit flat. "It's automatically bad because it's published by the biggest games publisher" doesn't really carry much weight.

  20. Thanks for covering this subject! I love the sad irony of Monopoly! and im a Chicagoan, so like, its a story that is close to home.

  21. Pretty big disconnect between title and content here. Nobody (at least not a significant part of Monopoly-haters) hates Monopoly because of its origin story, nor because Hasbro is such a big company in the tabletop space.
    Personally I hate Monopoly because of the lack of player agency; about the only bit in the video that did hold true to the title.

  22. Fantastic video—I knew some of the history, but love getting the fuller story. But one quibble: is Hasbro really remotely a “monopoly” in tabletop gaming? A monopolist isn’t just “a big company” but one so dominant it can effectively squeeze out competition. On the BGG rankings, the first Hasbro-published game (Agricola) shows up currently at 32, and the next (Heroscape) shows up at 379. WotC’s top game (surpisingly not MTG but Lords of Waterdeep) shows up at 76. Obviously Hasbro has tons of games—often aimed at kids or families—that do massively, massively better in sales than they do in the rankings on a site for tabletop afficionados. But it does suggest consumers have ready access to an enormous number of widely popular games from many other publishers, which is more or less definitionally not what a monopolized market looks like.

  23. Interesting video.
    I think the another reason nowadays is how much time a game of monopoly takes compared to a lot of more modern games. It's a real evening-killer, which doesn't combine well with the points you've already mentioned about low agency and deliberately unengaging mechanics.
    My mum has a habit of referring to the game as "monotony"

  24. There was a game called Anti-Monopoly years ago- not sure of what ever became of it but ironically it also involved building a monopoly of interests…

  25. Outstanding examination and political analysis of board games.

  26. I can enjoy Monopoly, but knowing its history… yeah, I'm even more open to alternatives now.

  27. I am pretty sure monopoly is hated because our bad experience with a lot of house ruling in our childhood. I would still play monopoly, if only we play it by the rules, no house ruling!!

  28. This brought back memories of playing with my family. I remember how my father enjoyed beating all of us and how unfair it felt at such a young age. We only played maybe 5 times that I can recall. I don’t think I ever won once. I would have loved to play the co-op version that she made. In fact my mom and siblings prefer co-op games and we try to do weekly board game nights. I can’t wait to look into more board games. I already have a long list of board games I want to get from all your dicebreaker videos.

  29. It might be strange to learn that a game isn’t designed to be fun?

    Mate, I’ve played Magic the Gathering before.

  30. Thank You. Well put and calmly presented. Well researched and concise. I will use this to show to co-workers in the store where I work. We sell games.

  31. Monopoly is a special game to me because it was one of the few games I could play with one of my friends as he had a version of it made for the blind. We played it for hours and always ended up in a stalemate. The important thing was it was a game both of us could play. I haven't played Monopoly in years now, though I have a few of the branded versions of the game, they aren't played.

  32. First time I ever tried to play Monopoly as an adult with a fully functioning brain I was almost immediately sent to jail.

    I'm glad my dislike for the game has a solid basis.

    (Also this was extremely interesting, I will always look at it differently now, thank you)

  33. Was expecting a lighthearted rant, but got an actual history lesson about an incredible woman and general game design. I'll be damned, I seriously learned something today! Thanks and well done, Wheels!^^

  34. Thank you SO much for making this video. It’s an important story with so many layers of context that build on each other. It’s exciting to see finally see a video that captures it all so well together.

    I just sent it to, like, everyone I know who cares about games (or are curious about why games matter so much to me : )

  35. I used to enjoy monopoly because it made people cry ( including evil mustace twirling). But I was shown the error of my ways and I'm a better person now.

  36. It is almost as if there are only 2 type of games, the ones where you try to beat everyone else so they feel terrible and not you, or the ones where you have to work together in order to all win. But sarcasm aside, i think monopoly has simple started to show it's age by today. So many interesting and fun variants of games these days that perhaps have the same goal (beating everyone else around the room) but do it in such various ways. I actually got into Root because it was featured here on dicebreaker, and have loved it. Meanwhile social deduction games are also very attractive for me, but unfortunately no-one in my direct friends area wants to play those. But while i enjoyed monopoly in the past, i am indeed one of those that rolls my eyes at the mere mention of it, as it indeed usually only fun for one player, the winning one.

  37. Just a quick comment to point out that Georgism wasn't just a philosophy of Elizabeth Magie's day but it's actually recognised by many economists today to be among the most progressive, fairest and most efficient systems of taxation. Which of course is why the government won't entertain the possibility and why you don't hear much about it…

    A UK-wide land value tax of around 5-10% could replace both VAT and Income Tax completely , massively redistribute wealth away from banks and landowners (by which I dont mean homeowners, but people owning more than their "fair share" of land and/or property and hoovering up rent without actually adding any value or production), and generally make taxation both simpler to administer and harder for the wealthy to find loopholes to avoid (you can hide or disguise your income, but you can't hide a house or a plot of land).

  38. I saw math study video that studied if it was the best thing to buy everything. They came to the conclusion that you can upgrade your chance of winning by buying certain plots depending on the number of players around the table. Because of the odds of your rolls. Can't imagine how much boring it would be to play against someone who use this strategy.

  39. Great video! Nice work. I hate Monopoly, but now it at least makes sense why.

  40. Easiest way to still have fun is mod it. Don't auction a property if you don't want to buy it and end the game early once all the properties are bought. Whoever then has the most money (or least money) wins. Simple changes can keep the fun and enjoyment (as well as a shorter overall game).

  41. I actually like Monopoly and learned a little bit about the history before watching this video so this should be good :).

    EDIT: I was right! Wonderfully infomative. Thanks so much!

  42. This is a very good video. Love home much it teached me. Not sure what I expected but it was quite entertaining. Go Wheels!

  43. Will you guys consider making a video on Monsterpunk?

  44. Then, of course, there are the "house rules" that were, more often than not, "invented" (because, y'know, no-one ever reads the rules) so that a player (usually the inventor of said rules(s)) could actually win.

  45. Outstanding video! As SUSD say, the existence of 'Lords of Vegas' means that no one has an excuse to play Monopoly ever again. Kind of sadly ironic how Magie's original anti-capitalist game design was then stolen by capitalists, de-fanged of its underlying radical critique and turned into a money printing mass entertainment product. Capitalism as a system has proved highly adept at commodifying and incorporating opposition/critique/alternative voices into its own self-perpetuating narrative.

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