Will my friendships survive this Monopoly game? (ft. Adept, Super and Zoil) - zigjogos.com

Will my friendships survive this Monopoly game? (ft. Adept, Super and Zoil)

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xQcOW plays Monopoly with Adept, Super, and Zoil!
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xQc (Félix Lengyel) is a French-Canadian Twitch streamer and content creator. He is 24 years old and lives in Texas with his roommate Adept. He enjoys streaming. He also enjoys playing and uploading a variety of games, such as Overwatch, Chess, Minecraft, Fortnite, Warzone, and all the hot new game releases. He is also very well known for his entertaining reactions. His favorites include Unusual Memes, Daily Dose of Internet, Jubilee, Comparisons, memes made by viewers on his reddit, and trending.

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  1. Normal ppl: play monopoly

    These pepegas: arguing about team names for a team none of them care about

  2. Actual 12 y/o in chat thinking they know economics because of their 7th grade eco class

  3. hearing xqc try to come up with a new team name and this fool wants to manage an org in the future OMEGALUL

  4. What happened to him thinking ahead buying houses when they are near his houses and not just buying houses for the sake of it. Sadge Gfuel brain has taken a toll on him

  5. Seahawks are actually a real species all these people have to do is google it

  6. "socialism can coexist with capitalism"
    "socialism =/= communism"
    "socialism helps regulate monopolies/competition"
    Love it when leftoids bastardize the name of Marx

  7. XQC basically lost because the game couldnt handle the juice

  8. me in Washington listening to them talk about my state okay then this is interesting. XD

  9. When xQc starts a chat war during a chill game: $$$$$$

  10. i love this game hes gotta do more of this 💯💯

  11. The economic and geography skills exhibited in this hurt my damn brain

  12. thats the most photoshopped picture of adept 😂 she doesn't look a thing like that thumbnail lmfaoo

  13. imagine having to explain monopoly to anybody lol

  14. i have always love monopoly and this makes me happy ty man:D

  15. Being from Washington State, I'm extremely triggered by this conversation about a team located in Washington DC while discussing team names for a Washington State team smh

  16. The whole name argument Xqc was actually right the entire time, Surprisingly.

  17. btw on the witches thing they actually exist but not like on the fairytales on south east asia there are actually manny still do that "tradition" (idk what to call it but its like that) and a fact about those they dont use cquldrons they use a lot but doesnt include cauldrons

  18. Adept goes to jail and no one spams Trihard 7?

  19. xQc actually had big brain takes for once and chat ????????????????????? spams him, yikes


  21. So much tax that this might as well be real life KEKL

  22. Wait, I thought I was watching monopoly not xqc pepega moments.

  23. "Doesn't capitalism drive competition and competition is good?"
    You can see how good competition is at the number of the friendships this (no front it's fun, but still) capitalist game has ruined LULW

  24. Man why do people hate Hasan so much? Because he’s right?

  25. 12 year olds think that they know anything about communism.

  26. Its funny reading 12-year-olds on youtube making fun of the 12-year-olds on twitch. Like who we fooling every single one of xqcs fans are 12 and this is just insane irony

  27. what the fuck the game punishes you for being lucky? On the board we used to only roll the dice one time lol what is this DOUBLE shit

  28. XQC: Capitalism is the best system.
    25 minutes later
    XQC: Fuck this game is rigged!!!!!

  29. zoomers that have never played monopoly when xqc gets a low roll: LULW

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