World's Fastest Full Monopoly Game -

World’s Fastest Full Monopoly Game

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We play an entire full game of monopoly with no shortcuts in under 5 minutes.


  1. Well it depends on how many people would play the game

  2. I got a sub 4 minute run on oofopoly in Roblox

  3. Can both players agree to both bid $0 in any auction? If you can do that, that would explain the auction problem. Also, what is the time for the fastest game where neither player wants to lose? Just curious…

  4. You can’t buy stuff until you go around and collect 200

  5. no… if aplayer does not buy a property it goes up for auction… this is the biggest rule that people ignore that makes monopoly go way faster. No one ever does not try to buy an auction because you can bid 1 dollar and if you get it for lower than mortgage price you actuality made money without anyone landing on it.

  6. I would hate to play like this. It looks like childrens' parallel play.

  7. For my monopoly I have a speed die plus did I hear the s word?

  8. He could of mortgaged his property’s to buy it

  9. I just wasted 6 minutes of my life watching two guys mortgage all their properties…

  10. My shortest game ever was 30 minutes. We started playing and when I got to red I bought it and then went to jail then I paid to get out of jail bought another red (cause I landed on it) and then got a chance card that said to go to jail. Then I got out of jail and landed on the final red and bought 3 houses on each property. That was the luckiest game of my life.

  11. I have that game but not that design it’s the one that says on the box new token line my favorite token is the hat
    Plus the comments are thinkable but they might made their own house rules
    So actions are off

  12. i actually play fast but my family is slow at playing

  13. Your supposed to then sell your properties to pay the rent!If it was a real game no one would give up like that

  14. Never seen luxury tax and income tax get landed on so much

  15. nope.way 2 off base. they're just trying 2 go fast so they aren't really playing 2 enjoy it.
    its exhausting 2 watch because ur trying 2 beat a clock.
    how ridiculous.not real game play.

  16. You can’t auction with 2 people 😂😂😂

  17. Bro the fastest game of monopoly is rolling the dice then moving.. then declaring bankruptcy right there and then. Probs 1-2 second(s) game

  18. what if you had mortgaged all your properties?

  19. My mans in the green shirt didn't buy like anything and the older dude bought almost everything he landed on… ofc you lost dumbass 😹😹

  20. What is the point it’s like not even fun of playing 99999x faster I bet that was not even fun

  21. Two points make this game completely rule breaking and pointless aside from fact that you didn't play to win and played to lose:

    (1)At one point your friend in green lands on a space and I believe he refuses to buy the property to speed up your game. This cannot happen. The property is to be auctioned which you skipped. There's some myth that goes around that in a 2 player game if you deny to buy the property you sit out the auction. It's not true. When you play the official monopoly game online you'll plainly see 2 player auctions happen all the time and if both players refuse to auction it goes to highest money amount player for $1 as per official FAQ on monopoly world championship website. So game was void at this point

    (2) It's a total breech of tournament rules to be mortgaging properties as you buy them for no reason. This is a technical rule a judge would enforce in the exact same precedent as if player A trades all his property to player B for $1 to spite player C. Anyone with any sense sees the connection and would consider it in same line of rules violation to mortgage properties as you get them. It's intentionally throwing the game against yourself which is still a rule violation and if anyone tried to do this at world champs they'd be disqualified for match fixing.

    Totally pointless video. A game will never take 5 minutes with 2 players over 100 IQ trying to WIN. Additionally if you want to break ethics you could have given the guy in green $1499 (or spread that out over 4-5 trades) at start of game for first property he buys and achieved same things in under 2 minutes. Outside official tournaments you can technically make any trades you want if all players agree to it. Mortgaging properties as you buy them for no reason is just as scummy as trading properties for $1 to spite people. All you are doing in this case is spiting yourself and your own chances of winning. Same thing.

  22. 2:37 five squares does not pass go… He was on green… If he rolled a five at the train station, then it would land on go.

  23. me and my family started a game at 7 right after dinner and now it’s 1:00am and we stopped for today and we’ll pick up tomorrow and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna end soon while these guys play on five minutes

  24. You should rename this to "Monopoly Speedrun any % 20k0 LIT!"

  25. Why did I search "Monopoly speedrun" at 12:30am

  26. You’re playing it with two people when you’re supposed to play it with 3+ people

  27. Hot damn. I remember watching this a long time ago.

  28. They were playing too fast and I don't even know if they were playing right tbh

  29. Ur playing so fast tht the other player is cheatinh . He is giving less money to the property

  30. Bad news, I have a 1:33 game of Monopoly which means I now hold your record. Sorry about Taking it from you

  31. Meanwhile me and my family 1 hour later

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