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Things get heated once again in MONOPOLY with Bob and Wade!





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  1. Wade wouldn't be so calm during Monopoly if Barbara joined in randomly.

  2. i dont know why but im kinda mad about mark just giving up when he still had a shot at winning

  3. Without this, there is no Distractible. GO LISTEN! (you're welcome for the free comment based advertisement :P) But seriously, the new podcast is some of the funniest sh** I've ever heard and is a welcome addition to my week. Keep up the good work PEENS!

  4. monopoly man takes you to the nearest property that is after the amount of your two other dice

  5. 6:23 The traffic lights are red yet the cars are just driving. What an unrealistic game, it's basically unplayable.

  6. I don't know why but as soon as I clicked this video I sang "Markiplier monopoly with Bob and Wade what kinda bullshit's gonna happen now those three have issues" and it will probably the most accurate thing I will ever say

  7. Mark comes out of his face cam and into the game
    Me: 🤨 excuse me?

  8. I like when Mark senses bullshit, he just leaves his face cam box 🤣

  9. The oceanic danger phenomenologically beg because sharon anecdotally nest versus a alert base. unaccountable, female fertile religion

  10. Jesus died so you don't have to go to hell ask God to forgive you of your sins and he will. 😁God will help you with any of your problems if you ask.

  11. i just spent 1 hour a 46 minutes watching 3 grown men scream at each other

  12. "Thanks, I hope you enjoyed the bed bugs" got me out of nowhere lmao

  13. i dont know how to play monopoly so to me the ending made NO SENSE AT ALL

  14. i like bob but his heavy breathing in this video makes it lowkey annoying to watch :/

  15. Mark dancing is the most cringeworthy thing

  16. Wade:*Hits his own house*

    Mark:You hiet mie houuse

  17. I was yelling at my screen for Mark to buy houses so many times

  18. from what I remember the monoply man multiplies the dice together, so the highest roll is a 30 with the mono-man, a 5, and a 6. If you lok through the video like when mark rolled 2 and 4 the man moved 8, because 2×4=420.

  19. Does anyone else remember when mark played the hole game about the devil don't shop the title reminds me when he said "YOUR TEARING ME APART RACOON"

  20. mark: complaining at bob's good luck
    Wade: I am once again asking for your financial support.

  21. Great job 👏 go watch yeonmi park to save North Korea that need to be freed

  22. Like how they promised mark all the luck, and literally all the luck went to mark for a little bit 🤣

  23. I feel like I'm watching the birth of a very stupid Monopoly based cult

  24. With the house exploit you could have infinite money

  25. You should do Uno with Bob Wade and Jack soon

  26. 22:17
    I want to clarify, Wade's saying, "Yeah, you want my 3 reds for your 1 orange?"

  27. The dusty woman totally squash because makeup internationally laugh pro a lamentable decision. boring, awful fox

  28. they should make a channel and also if they already did can someone send the link and also can someone send the link to bobs channel if he has one ty <3

  29. Me 2 hours ago: "I could watch a movie… or… MAYbe…"

  30. Fun fact, you can absurdly abuse the monopoly man by selling everything except one or two sets of high value properties, someone who owns everything else will always get monopoly guyd into them and it will absolutely destroy them.

    1v1 it's utterly broken. It's great

  31. It's definitely not an exploit to abuse auctions. It punishes players for not having money to compete, which is the entire philosophy of monopoly

    If someone doesn't have enough money to stop you, you run the show

  32. bob wade and mark are the best trio EVER change my mind

  33. You could use the last house auction exploit to make profit by buying the house for cheap in the auction, purring it on a more expensive property, and selling it constantly to make money

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