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Things get heated once again in MONOPOLY with Bob and Wade!





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  1. Who else as seen this video like 20 times and still love it

  2. Mark while giving poor peope money: DANCE FOR ME, YOU MONKEYS!
    Wade and Bob: We get some bread 🙂

  3. Wade's dying, Bob is trying to hold on, and Mark is an overlord.

  4. Never realized until watching this that Bob was such a slippery used car salesman. He scares me now that I know he can sell me anything at any moment.

  5. Mark, Wade and Bob playing Monopoly
    Me wondering if hell is cold but heaven's hot because heat goes up

  6. I like how he green screened himself in his room

  7. I did a challenge where I could only buy railroads and utilities, and to my surprise I won

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  9. 1:34:43 was Mark’s mistake for taking the greens. He should have left bob to sell his houses and then wade would eventually bankrupt as well as bob

  10. I don't have money but if I could spend a day with markiplier I'd probably try to blow my brains out during dinner to see if it was a dream

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  12. They should play a 6 player game with Jacksepticeye and the Game Grumps!
    It's gonna be Pandemonium!!!

  13. Monopoly man was the worst option to get from the dice

  14. The thumbnail looks like mark is eating that guys pointer finger ngl

  15. I literally got sick and threw up while watching this video 🤣

  16. Can’t wait to hear Marks sound board setup

  17. ah yes, mark exploits the house auction mechanic… capitalism at its finest. (I'm pretty sure its intended btw, since monopoly is a social commentary on total control through….well…yknow)

  18. Mark parting with boardwalk is almost a hate crime

  19. the sucking convo cam be taken out of context


  20. Bro, in what world is a loaf of bread 1$? I want some of then loaves

  21. I am very sad bc of them desexualizing Lola bunny in space jam and desexualizing Harley Quinn in the suicide squad . Pls for anyone who is watching this vid after these two movies came out , tell me how bad or good they were bc I’m prob not watching them , hopefully markiplier playing a game with his two best friends will enlighten me , bc now I am very depressed . The feeling feels like when you drop your phone and you don’t know if it cracked / when your in trouble for doing something embarrassing and your parents or a teacher caught you and they’re talking to you abt that thing , And depression , so I am very sad and my heart is pumping very fast . I feel nothing but these feeling so please if you’ve seen these movies tell me how they were , thank you and have a nice day .

  22. does it rile anyone else up to see the guys not understanding the speed dice rules?

  23. 1:21:30 It really feels like he is peeping inside the screen into the Monopoly verse … XD

  24. Freaking YouTube-!! I am watching MKay and I wanted to watch more Mkay… stop forcing Mark videos especially these not funny ones.

  25. Well, mark is a wizard who can break the little square of his camera apparently

  26. This video should be called “Rub Wade for good luck!”

  27. When Bob traded Illinois with Wade for a 2nd railroad, this was yet another reason for me as to why I've lost my faith in humanity 😔

  28. I hope that you know its pronounced 'reding' even though its spelt different

  29. Me living on a street called park place mark you right it's nice lmaooo

  30. I like how mark, while playing monopoly of all games, is surprised to find cheap exploits in an economy 😂 literally monopolies do this 1:28:00

  31. Bob: "I won second place in a beauty contest?"
    The first place winner was Steve Buscemi.

  32. 『ᎷXYᏌᎡᎪ~ᏩᎪᏟᎻᎪ♡ › says:

    did anyone else notice that the light thing in mark's cam has the lesbian flag

  33. 9:51 Mark popping out of the webcam square tripped me the FUCK out.

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